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Travelling to Turkey

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Passport & Visa info required...
1.       GILLIAN1
84 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 11:18 am

Could anyone help me. I would like my turkish boyfriend to visit me for a holiday in the UK but he does not have a passport or visa. I think it is quite hard to get a visa but is it difficult to get a turkish passport? Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

2.       Lindaxxx
230 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 09:12 pm

This link may give you some information Gillian :

I hope that it is of some help.


3.       Lyndie
968 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 01:05 am


Could anyone help me. I would like my turkish boyfriend to visit me for a holiday in the UK but he does not have a passport or visa. I think it is quite hard to get a visa but is it difficult to get a turkish passport? Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I have a lot of experience at this. It is a total nightmare. The UK government links tell you 'how' to get a visa, what they don't tell you is how almost impossible it is.

A few tips though.

First, there is absolutley NO WAY you will get a visitors visa for your boyfriend. Your boyfriend would have to prove a long and lasting relationship with the people he intends to visit. The Embassy will want to know how long you've known him, what is your relationship. If you even mention the word 'boyfriend' forget it! They think all turks are the same and just trying to get to England so they can run off and become 'illegal'

He would also have to prove his intention to return to Turkey at the end of his holiday and the hoops they expect you to jump through to prove this are almost impossible to fulful. If he is poor, works in the tourist industry then again forget it! they want to see bank statements every kind of evidence he can possibly provide before they will believe he is going to return to Turkey. it is helpful if his father is a diplomat, (high) government official, genuine businessman, extremely rich - basically he has to prove that he has more in turkey to return to than he can get in England being illegal. So if for example he has his own restaurant, hotel, fleet of taxis etc.,from which he earns a very good living, then he would probably get a visa, because the uk government will see that he has good reason to return to Turkey, every single thing you say in the application has to be backed by unshakeable evidence that you are telling the truth. If he doesn't have a bank account then forget it. If he has a bank account but it is new and doesn't show a long period of regular payments in, then forget it. If he hasn't done his national service he cant get a visa.

The officials at the British embassies expect the absolute worst from every applicant and the level and standard of proof at meeting their criteria is very very high (you cannot get an idea of how high this standard is looking at any government website.) I know english people who can't even get a visa for their turkish husband (and they have children)

I am also in the process of appealing a refused visa application and managed to get hold of a copy of the 'Instructions to Entry Clearance Officers' provided by the government to help these officers refuse applications without leaving the way open for a successful appeal. Everything is stacked against the applicant.

It is fairly easy to get a Turkish passport, as long as you have enough money. it is very expensive for the average Turk because they have to pay tax on top of the cost of the passport. I can't recall how much it does cost, but it is proportionately more expensive than in England.

I have investigated this in great depth and i am on my second attempt at getting a visa for someone for whom I have paid for a 12month college course for and who is totally genuine in his reasons for coming.

I am helping someone apply for student visa, but it doesn't matter what type of visa you are applying for it is just as difficult/impossible without the most huge amount of irrefutable evidence.

To summarise, if your boyfriend is poor, works in the tourist industry and you haven't known him long, Then don't even waste your time or money trying. It is also not worth him paying for a passport (incidentally - you can't apply for a visa if you haven't got a passport) - it will be easier to wait 10 years for Turkey to join the EU!

Sorry for all this miserable news, but it is a terrible reality that the UK government do not seem to want Turks to come to England and despite the fact that thousands of illegal immigrants simply walk into england every day and there are not enough Immigration Officers to prevent them, trying to get a visa for a genuine visitor is crazy! It would be easier to get hot air balloon, navigate his way across Europe and land in a field behind your house!

4.       Babs
12 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 01:51 am

I know what you mean Lyndie and the application form hasn't even gone in yet! My boyfriend (who works in tourism!) is going to Marmaris tomorrow to take it, along with my life story, well, six months copies of bank statements, payslips, confirmation that I own my house etc etc etc etc. It's taken us ages to get everything together to get to this point and he thinks it's 'hopeless' but he's prepared to try because he wants to visit me in the UK for a change. If it does turn out to be 'hopeless' then I'll be spending Christmas and New Year in Fethiye again! I don't mind but it's very annoying when we can go practically anywhere in the world with just a passport and no questions asked.

Good luck with your appeal Lyndie and good luck Gillian if you do decide to try. I'm now keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed in the hope that the person that looks at 'our' application got out of the right side of the bed that day!!

5.       erdinc
2151 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 04:06 am

Quoting GILLIAN1:

Could anyone help me. I would like my turkish boyfriend to visit me for a holiday in the UK but he does not have a passport or visa. I think it is quite hard to get a visa but is it difficult to get a turkish passport? Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

getting a passport is easier than getting the visa. Anyone who applies for a passport can get it in one or two days provided that the necessary documents are ready. But you need to go there early in the morning if you dont want to wait there 6 hours.

I dont know in which city your friend is but he has to go to a department of police (Emniyet Müdürlüğü) shown below:

For Istanbul:

For Ankara:

The UK visa is also not so difficult for educational and touristic purposes as long as the Entry Clearence Officer (ECO) in the British Embassy is convinced that the person will return after the planned stay. May I suggest that your friend doesnt mention from you at all since this will only make the ECO think that your friend might be thinking to settle down somwhow in the UK.
You need to see from the ECO's perspective. If the person doesnt return the ECO will be held responsible for his desicion.
It is a very good idea to show some evidence for strong ties with Turkia. A regular job or study in Turkia would be very good. Otherwise they will ask him to come for an interview. In this interview once again he should not mention from you since this will make them only more suspicious.

There are authorised travel agencies where you apply for the visa for a small fee. So your friend shouldnt go directly to the embassy but should contact the travel agency first. Information can be found here:



6.       Lyndie
968 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 09:11 pm

Actually, you can make postal applications to Ankara, which makes the process easier than going to an Agent (as for Istanbul)
If you are sponsoring him then it is going to be impossible not to mention you. He will have to explain his relationship with his sponsor and as y ou have pointed out, he has all your evidence for his application.

the real point isn't just your evidence needed. Its his own that he needs as well to prove his intention to return.

i hear Christmas is cold in Fetiye!

7.       Babs
12 posts
 10 Nov 2005 Thu 02:33 am

Hi Lyndie

My bf's got all his info as well but, after reading your message to Gillian last night, I nearly sent him a text telling him not to bother!

I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'll probably be going to Fethiye rather than him coming to Manchester but Fethiye will be a lot warmer! The temp last Xmas was around 10-12° during the day. We went to most places on his motorbike so, at any kind of speed, it's cold but walking was fine. We even sat on the beach when it wasn't too windy!

8.       Kajsa
6 posts
 10 Nov 2005 Thu 12:09 pm


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9.       laura
60 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 01:15 am

I am a little ignorant into the formalities but I have heard that applying through Cyprus gives a bit more chance to being granted a visa.

My sisters hubby would like to visit London for 2 weeks next year (for a change!) so he will first apply in Turkey and if it is refused he will try a few months later in Cyprus.

They are fully prepared to supply 4 years worth of phone bills and letters proving they have a long standing relationship as well as sponsor docs etc etc.

Hopefully the persistance will pay off for you all!

Laura x

10.       Lyndie
968 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 01:19 am

I am not sure that my friend could even travel to Cyprus. But I'll find out. Good luck and thanks for the tip.

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