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Women visiting hamam question
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10.       Elisa
0 posts
 19 Mar 2005 Sat 02:07 pm

Thank you for sharing your story güzel kiz, I also enjoyed reading it.
But I also think that a hamam in the city is quite different. I've never read that people had "relaxing massages" over there. On the contrary, it can be rough and painful if you're not used to it. But that won't stop me from going though

One question remains, who would be so kind to answer it?

Here is some info on the Cemberlitas hamam: http://www.cemberlitashamami.com.tr/

11.       alyaa
115 posts
 19 Mar 2005 Sat 02:27 pm

hi girls,

ok listen to me i'll speak frankly
i am muslim but am not turkish but i think it is the same ideas both men and women must be clean especialy women
ok and i think it is from this point but am not sure r they going to kick the girl out or not i dont know??
but it is recomended that a women must remove the hair
also dont forget this is applied for any undesired hair
for instance from the hand it will be better iam muslim i understand this matter in this way.

12.       guzel kiz
0 posts
 20 Mar 2005 Sun 02:08 am

Sorry, that it was not the response everybody expected. It was presented to me as if it was a turkish hamam, that is how the guide called it, so I just told you what was going on. I guess this summer I will have to try the city hamam to know what it should be like. According to my other friends, who told me about the hamams they visited, they had sort of a similar experience I had. So... I don't know... maybe all of us were cheated out of the REAL TURKISH HAMAM .

13.       guzel kiz
0 posts
 20 Mar 2005 Sun 02:20 am

to alyaa

For some reason I felt like you were trying to attack me... I prefer not to get into arguments on the forums. I think this specific forum designed for sharing information and not for trying to offend or insult someone. I was just talking about my experience. If you can tell about yours, go ahead, I think everyone will be happy to read about it!

14.       alyaa
115 posts
 20 Mar 2005 Sun 10:32 am

pls am sorry
guzel kiz yemin ediyorum i didnt mean to ofend i swear i didnt want to what i wanted to is tell something i felt thats all on the contrary i told i liked the way u spoke about ur going to hamam vallah this what i meant am sorry guzel kiz realy sorry if i hurted u and if i wzs sever in my msg trust me i didnt mean to be so especialy with u
there is no reason that i will ofend u in one way or another if u will think of it i ask u pls to read my msg again to make sure that i didnt mean to ofend u
u put ur visit on the forum and talked to u about it isnt it this is the reason why they put the forum for, or i am wrong pls tell me that u r not upset from or i will not participate again

15.       guzel kiz
0 posts
 20 Mar 2005 Sun 11:21 am

no problem!!! I guess I just misunderstood,sometimes happens, I am not upset! I am just not used to participating in forums very much, this is the first I've ever been to... plus, I forget, we all are from different cultures and have different ways of expressing our thought... I took it a little bit too personally, I should not have. I also apologize

16.       Sertab
136 posts
 28 Mar 2005 Mon 11:25 pm

Elisa must be now in Turkey.. if I'm not wrong she was going there the 2 last weeks of March.. hope she'll tell us everything about Hamam when she comes back!

17.       Elisa
0 posts
 14 Apr 2005 Thu 11:13 pm

Well, the hamam was a bad experience. My mistake I guess, I chose a touristic one, the Cemberlitas Hamam. They kept letting people in at the entrance, though the ladies who did the bathing really couldn't follow anymore! When I left, there were no clean towels anymore... After 45 minutes I was back on the street. Normally you would stay in a hamam for at least an hour, sometimes two or more...
My advice: if you want to try a Turkish bath, don't go to the touristy places. Try one off the beaten track. It'll be much more relaxed I'm sure.
But! As it was so crowded there, I couldn't help but notice other women who didn't shave at all, not even bikini lines or anything! I felt embarassed in their place!
But the bathing ladies didn't seem to mind... They must be used to it, I guess.
Anyway, next time I'll visit a hamam on the Asian side I think. Because there will definitely be a next time

18.       Sertab
136 posts
 17 Apr 2005 Sun 06:38 pm

thanks for telling us Elisa! what a pity u didnt enjoy the Hamam experience very much
definitely when I go to Turkey I'll keep myself far from Hamams for tourists!
so there were some women who didnt shave at all? OMG (:

19.       susie k
1330 posts
 03 Jul 2006 Mon 01:33 pm

20.       goner
506 posts
 03 Jul 2006 Mon 03:57 pm

when i was a little kid, i used to go to hamam.. if i go now, i would rather women go there undressed completely - not with a bath suit-

i am just kiddin

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