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burası - burada...?
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20.       mltm
3690 posts
 23 Feb 2009 Mon 09:42 pm

cynic, is it you who made all these sentences? They´re very useful, thank you.

21.       angel_of_death
686 posts
 23 Feb 2009 Mon 10:15 pm

lol!!! I love the Kasýmpaþa part you´ve just made my day!!

22.       cynicmystic
567 posts
 23 Feb 2009 Mon 10:31 pm

 Yeah they are all made up examples, so take them with a grain of salt.

Quoting mltm

cynic, is it you who made all these sentences? They´re very useful, thank you.



23.       CANLI
5084 posts
 24 Feb 2009 Tue 04:47 am

Thanks for the examples cynic, very helpful to see how they are used in the daily usage .

24.       freedquaker
10 posts
 09 Jan 2013 Wed 07:34 pm

There are some fundamental misunderstandings about the use of "bura/ora/şura". Most people, unfortunately, consider them as equivalents to "here" and "there" while those notions do not exactly exist in Turkish. To clarify, we need to break them down...


Bu = This

Şu = That (relatively close)

O = That (relatively distant)


-re/ra = place suffix (comes from "ara")


Therefore Bu/Şu/O + ra = This / That place


"Bura/Şura/Ora" is actually used (more in rural areas) and perfectly valid. However, there is a tendency to attach the "sı" noun clause suffix at the end, creating a "noun", although technically It is an adjective clause.


So In Modern Turkish, Burası/Şurası/Orası = This/That place


Other suffixes are also attached to the "-ra" stem to end up with different meanings...


Major suffixes attached

(y/n)ı : Definite objective suffix

(y)a : Directional suffix (to)

da = locative suffix (in/on/at)

dan = origin suffix (from, than)




Bura -yı or Bura - sı - nı: This place (definite object)

Bura -ya : to This place

Bura - da : In this place

Bura - dan : from this place


If you want to use "here" and "there" then you should figure out what exact you are referring to. Approximate equivalents for "here":

to this place = here = bura - ya

in this place = here = bura - da

from this place = from here = bura - dan


However, "burası" or "burayı" cannot be expressed directly with "here" in English; then "this place" has to be used.


Burayı/Burasını seviyorum = I like this place = I like it here  (the object is "it")

but not "I like here"


All of the rules above apply to "Ne" as well! Now watch,


Ne = What

Ne-re = What place (stem)

Ne-re-si = What place (noun)

Ne-re-yi or Ne-re-si-ni = What place (definite object)

Ne-re-ye = to what place (to where)

Ne-re-de = In/At/On what place (where)

Ne-re-den = From what place (from where)


It´s just very logical, following a strict formula.

25.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 09 Jan 2013 Wed 07:39 pm


Quoting freedquaker



However, "burası" or "burayı" cannot be expressed directly with "here" in English; then "this place" has to be used.



Aren´t they same? 


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