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Turkish Class Forums / Travelling to Turkey

Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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90.       Jonathan
30 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 02:16 pm

Sorry, Volkan not Vulkan

91.       joe_rdl
55 posts
 26 Jul 2005 Tue 12:07 am

I think being turkish has nothing to do wih being a psico...you can find those kinda people anywhere!!!!

There is something iteresting with turkish guys....even though they are big womanizers (like I said before), they seem to be good friends....they always listen to what you have to say, they give you good advices, and they seem to worry about their friends.....
On the other hand, based on what I have read in this fourum...turkish guys seem to be cheatera and unfaithful

so my conlusion is: why falling in love with someone who you are not sure about (you cant be sure if he is cheating on you or not)when you can have an awesome friend.....

What do u think about this gilrs????

take care you all

92.       SuiGeneris
3922 posts
 26 Jul 2005 Tue 02:04 pm

actually... yeah some parts are ok... but as you accept that ppl are talk about only bad sides.. being some jealous is wanted in relations if you ask me... coz it goes with passion and love.. if he is not a paranoiac one well its really changes up to where you stay where you live and who you live with... if ppl gets the arche as Human so nothing could affect the others... coz human is the most valuable thing for him... as religion.. a real Muslim could thing the same.. look i am saying real.. coz Islam also things about changes and improvements bla bla... lets say it culture and family not religion...
and culture and family is not that bad point that unable to come over it... coz they want you to be happy too...
thats all i guess... this doesnt mean that Turkey doesnt consist good guys..
best regards,

93.       catwoman
8933 posts
 27 Jul 2005 Wed 05:40 am

Annjoe, I think you're right in what you said again. Of course there aren't any fixed rules but if you meet somebody online or God forbid on vacation, he's almost certainly not someone to be trusted. Good observation - why not make him a good friend though - if he's capable...? The hard part I guess (for some) is to keep their hearts on guard and well protected by reason against the devilishly stupid behaviour of those men.

94.       joe_rdl
55 posts
 05 Aug 2005 Fri 05:07 am

You are right catwoman... for us, the girls, it can get very hard to guard and have well protected our heat...hey but is not impossible!! ...I guess we have to think as action girls, and act as thoughtful girls.
Kendine iyi bak

95.       gra
2 posts
 20 Aug 2005 Sat 12:02 am

Why is this forum only for girls? Some of us boys have a Turkish boyfriend too

96.       Lyndie
968 posts
 20 Aug 2005 Sat 02:40 am

Gra, the forums are not only for girls, did you want to share your thoughts and feelings too?

97.       gra
2 posts
 21 Aug 2005 Sun 02:45 am

Not parcularly....just wasn't sure which one to post on! Think the site is great...can't believe I've only just found it. I met my other half five years ago in Istanbul, and although we live in London now we go back to Istanbul regularly. We hope to move there permanently one day. Not sure about Turkish men in general, but mine is great I do think they seem a little more relationship orientated than others, particularly the British although it's probably wrong to generalise. My Turkish is coming along nicely, although still a long way to go. keep up the good work on the site.

98.       Lyndie
968 posts
 21 Aug 2005 Sun 03:56 am

Well welcome to the site anyway Gra. It is a great site and the people on here are wonderful. Lots of different ages and cultures. If you look on here regularly you'll see for yourself. We kind of consider ourselves class mates and the people generally who use this site are caring kind and helpful.

You are very lucky that you have someone to 'talk' turkish to. The hardest part of learning another language (as we all know) is practising with someone who is a native speaker. There are people on here from argentina, malaysia, america, serbia, russia, well everywhere really.

You can learn a lot about other countries and cultures too if you are interested. If you read all the forums and the essays you can get an idea of what everyone is like.

There is a forum where people share their personal information if they want. Check it out if you are interested.

Anyway, good luck with the turkish - there are quite a lot of turkish guys use this site because they can improve their english, so we also all help each other out as well, but as I said, you are lucky enough to have someone to help you out when you need it.

Good luck with your learning.

99.       ReyhanL
1961 posts
 15 Nov 2009 Sun 11:18 pm

How are things going after 5 years ?

100.       yakamozzz
398 posts
 16 Nov 2009 Mon 12:17 am


Quoting ReyhanL

How are things going after 5 years ?



(121 Messages in 13 pages - View all)
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