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Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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20.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 25 Apr 2005 Mon 05:10 pm

i havent had any foreigner gf
so i cant say anything about it

21.       Seticio
550 posts
 26 Apr 2005 Tue 11:12 am

ha ha so if u can't say anything about why are u witing? ha ha
I know- because u can't live without writing anything

Well I almost had 3 turkish boyfriends, I wrote almost because as it turned out very quickly, none of them were honest... But I still believe that somewhere amongst that near 40 million turkish boys is one reliable and honest and I will find him

22.       Sertab
136 posts
 26 Apr 2005 Tue 10:32 pm

so Seticio have u been living in Turkey??? or were ur turkish bf just 'internet love'? hope u dont mind I'm asking this, I'm just curious

Btw I think turkish boys r quite honest.. lol

23.       Seticio
550 posts
 26 Apr 2005 Tue 11:11 pm

I study oriental philologies so there are quite many Turks at my university. Two of them I met in Poland, one in Istanbul. Writing about my 3 turkish almost-boyfriends I didn't even count, as u called it, "internet loves", because I generally don't trust men who I met through Internet, but I must admit, there was another, the fourth one, who I met that way. It was a friend of another Turk, very nice man living in Krakow, so I thought I could trust him. I was so wrong! he wanted only to meet a girl to move from Turkey to eg. Poland. He invited me to Istanbul, but he expected only one thing from me (I think I don't have to write, what) and I didn't go.
Generally I don't have luck, if talking about turkish boys.
but there are so many Turks that I believe I will find one really nice one day

24.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 27 Apr 2005 Wed 02:59 am

bütün türkler aynı değildir...

i know it and u have to it..
her millettten kötüler çıktı diye bütün millet kötü olacak değil ya?
ayrıca sendeki de eşek şansı be güzelim

25.       Seticio
550 posts
 27 Apr 2005 Wed 10:33 am

U say so? Well, I don't think all Turks are the same ( or more I hope so)...

26.       Rogue
4 posts
 28 Apr 2005 Thu 05:30 pm

May I suggest you two carry on this discussion in a private forum? Hehehehe

27.       Seticio
550 posts
 28 Apr 2005 Thu 08:01 pm

don't worry, the discussion is over: unriable and dishonest people are all over the world, also in Poland.

28.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 29 Apr 2005 Fri 03:17 pm

and also in turkey too

29.       Seticio
550 posts
 29 Apr 2005 Fri 10:23 pm


30.       guzel kiz
0 posts
 30 Apr 2005 Sat 05:12 am

Hi Seticio! Do you mind me asking what is that obsession with turkish boys about? Why are u looking specifically for a honest turkish boy. Sorry if I am misunderstanding something here. Hope you won't miss that real good and honest non-turkish boy while looking for a honest turkish boy.

(121 Messages in 13 pages - View all)
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