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Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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30.       guzel kiz
0 posts
 30 Apr 2005 Sat 05:12 am

Hi Seticio! Do you mind me asking what is that obsession with turkish boys about? Why are u looking specifically for a honest turkish boy. Sorry if I am misunderstanding something here. Hope you won't miss that real good and honest non-turkish boy while looking for a honest turkish boy.

31.       Seticio
550 posts
 30 Apr 2005 Sat 01:11 pm

no it's not an obsession, it was just the answer for the question. And, as I said before, the discussion is over.

32.       Dilara
1153 posts
 08 May 2005 Sun 01:45 am

I think there are honest ,dishonest good and bad men EVERYWHERE ! there are handsome and ugly men everywhere so I don't agree with this stereotype that all turks are the same or that they are something "special" ... the only special thing they have is that they are terribly good looking and have this exotic accent that blows you away...haha... =)

33.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 08 May 2005 Sun 02:14 am

why women alwayd forgot to add the "women" if there is a bad thing
always blame men..
that it women's job

34.       Seticio
550 posts
 08 May 2005 Sun 02:20 am

Yes, but look, no men write about turkish girls' shortcomings? Isn't it interesting? Maybe turkish girls are so mysterious or so perfect? If they are, why so many Turks are looking for a not-turkish girl?

35.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 09 May 2005 Mon 01:36 am

trust me some of them are like empty drum.. but some of them is so hard.. according to u perfect or mysterious..
u can find all of them like everywhere..
maybe foreigner girls come us mysterious..
they seem to know everything etc..
but i believe that actually they havent got any different..

36.       Seticio
550 posts
 09 May 2005 Mon 09:36 pm

probably u are right

37.       berluv
1 posts
 12 May 2005 Thu 01:14 am

OK HI I AM NEW>>> I am new to the whole turkish thing. I now have a turkish boyfriend. I have never even thought much about turkey prior to meeting him before a month ago. So i am interested in some realism. HE seems to perfect so what is teh real story. I am anxious to know others experiences. I Read everythign everyoen wrotge and it is so true.-beth

38.       ELA
41 posts
 12 May 2005 Thu 09:13 am

What i don't like is :

Turkish guys are very jealousy guys or better say very possessive guys ...

But ofcourse they have good side , they are very romantic , kind , polite ,,,,,, and they are with words- they know what woman wnat to hear ...

39.       Lello_in_love
0 posts
 17 May 2005 Tue 12:06 am

Hi Well this seems to be a pretty useless discussion Love cant be described and men cant be compared to eachother. Tho, yeah in general, i think we can say Turkish men just love women so much, that one isn't enough The only solution is to become enough My boyfriend is Kurdish, we've had a long lovestory now, we met on the internet more than a year ago and after getting rejected for the first visa-attempt, he finally could visit me in the beginning of May! It was as if i found ME in him! Everytime i search for him, i find me. Everytime i search for me, i find him. I would never use my man as an example about Turkish boys (Turkish/Kurdish, in this case just men who live in Turkey ) , because he's the only one of his kind in the world. And that counts for every man. He's the rose, and im the vase with water. He grows with what i give, and i become beautiful with what he is. And doesn't that count for every true love? No matter what nationality you are?

I wish everybody lots of luck with your boyfriends If ur meant for eachother, he will be your reflection and ull be his

40.       sue
5 posts
 20 May 2005 Fri 08:39 pm

On the subject of Turkish men I have found them all to be very possesive. I love the way they try to speak in english and mix up there words. I do know they are very caring unlike some American and Canadian men yet they are all in a big hurry for love and marriage. They want it all now. As soon as they think you are there woman for them they just go and dont stop. I am still oddly attracted to Turkish men but there controling does bother me.

(121 Messages in 13 pages - View all)
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