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Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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60.       ItalianBrat
10 posts
 06 Jun 2005 Mon 08:28 pm


61.       ItalianBrat
10 posts
 06 Jun 2005 Mon 08:37 pm


62.       bambino
 07 Jun 2005 Tue 01:07 am

Oh my Goodness! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm still shocked about what you wrote. I guess you never really know who you're dealing with; you're very right about your advices - if it's valuable, it's worth waiting. I guess that's the only way to tell what's right and what's not. Congratulations to you for being strong and seeing things before it could be too late. Good luck to you, hope the next man you meet will be the opposite of this one.

63.       widdley
61 posts
 07 Jun 2005 Tue 04:05 am

OK!!! I know you have al been dying to know, so here's my story!
In 2002 I move to work in Andorra on the french/spanish border and met people from all over the world.

I had alot of boyfriends so I know a bit about guys from overseas

Then a while back I moved to Bulgaria, I still live there, just in the UK for a month or 2 visiting family etc.
I had 2 boyfriends in Bulgaria both of which were turkish.

The first one I was with for 5 months, he was nice but worked alot and I mean 18 hours a day which I thought was strange I started to investigate as I had heard rumours that he was already married, not once but FIVE times.

I asked him and he denied it so I had to find ut for myself, Iwent to his house and saw his wife and even then he denied it.

He cried when I ended it and said he loved me as he had from the first week.

It was all lies!!

I got over it and found out he had one baby in the next city and one on the way with his wife. I found out he was a gypsy from Turkey and they don't marry like we do, you only need an agreement between the 2 of you and thats it married!

The second was a different story, he was a bit younger than me, he was wonderful, so loving and caring, full of fun and always passionate, until he started lying.

My father is very sick its one of thev reasons we moved to bulgaria so he could die happy somewhere warm and relaxed, my dad wanted to go fishing and invited my boyfriend who accepted, I was happy we were all getting along, the day came for fishing and when I went to collect him, he didnt have his fishing rod, my dad wouldn't go if he didn't have a rod and offered to take him home to collect it, he said" My mums at work and my dads out and I can't get in the house cos I don't have key, we all knew that was BullSH**, he did have a key, he just couldn't be bothered to get it, my Dad was so upset, he had been looking forward to teaching boy how to fish, but He just wasn't interested, he was only after one thing, so I ended it.

The next week I went out to the bar in his village with some friends, andI am also friends with his friends so we all met up.

His friends told me that not only did he have a new girlfriend but that he had also married her.

Talk about fickle.

But I have not lost my faith, I will find a good man, I don't care if hes turkish, Bulgarian, English, but I know theres one for me out there somewhere just waiting to meet me.!!!!
Love from

64.       catwoman
8933 posts
 07 Jun 2005 Tue 01:59 pm

Phew! That's more then I can handle! Terrible! What's up with these weird 'marriage agreements'? Is it something popular in Turkey?

65.       bliss
900 posts
 07 Jun 2005 Tue 02:38 pm

I don't think it is popular only in Turkey.Look at the chat room and you can understand.Who are they gonna grow into in their real(as one of my good friends said) life.

66.       catwoman
8933 posts
 07 Jun 2005 Tue 03:45 pm

So it IS popular in Turkey?

67.       bliss
900 posts
 07 Jun 2005 Tue 04:18 pm

In the chat room you can see people from all over the world.Unfortunately everyone can go there.

68.       widdley
61 posts
 08 Jun 2005 Wed 02:02 am

you have to get the young so there is less chance that they will already have been married lol.... but there is only so young a girl can go without getting in to illegalities and beleive me some turkish boys and girls are married even under 16.

Its a shame, because even though these marriages aren't legal, us girls still feel hard done by when you find out that the man of your dreams has been married numerous times.

But we soldier on in search of the good guys!!!


69.       llconnie
3 posts
 10 Jun 2005 Fri 08:08 am

70.       catwoman
8933 posts
 10 Jun 2005 Fri 12:37 pm

I'm so sorry to hear that... Hang in there dear.

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