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Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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70.       catwoman
8933 posts
 10 Jun 2005 Fri 12:37 pm

I'm so sorry to hear that... Hang in there dear.

71.       widdley
61 posts
 18 Jun 2005 Sat 03:44 am

I have a job now, earning cash, so as soon as I have enough I will be travelling to see My turkishh Friend, he is lovely and I can't wait to see him!!

72.       llconnie
3 posts
 19 Jun 2005 Sun 04:13 pm

73.       Leyla86
6 posts
 21 Jun 2005 Tue 10:02 am

i have been associated with quite a few turkish guys.. friends i mean.. and even now my current boyfriend is turkish.. i will say a few things as a non turkish girl surrounded by a lot of turkish guys.
1.) Turkish guys have jealousy running through their veins. there really is nothing you can do to change that. they will always assume the worst and the longer they think about a particular issue the more jealous they become. Its time to stop asking why turkish men are jealous and just embrace the fact that if he calls you and you dont return his call within 15 minutes you are in for an earful.
2.) "I can look at your woman but if you look at mine i will break your balls" no turkish man will admit it but i swear by this statement. usually it will be your fault if another guy hits on you in front of your turkish guy. he may not say it but he definetly will think it and he most definetly will not forget it.
3.) Men and women are not equal in his eyes. another aspect you must come to terms with if you plan on a future with a turkish guy. in lamens terms "He can do anything he wants and you can do only what he wants". if he respects you enough, which is possible, he will take your feelings into consideration.
4.) this is sad to say but expect a turkish guy to be unfaithful. im sorry to you girls, it doesnt mean he doesnt care about you and it doesnt mean that he doesnt love you but i have heard this myself "you cant eat beans every day" .. most women know when they are being cheated on.. just ask yourself .. would you rather him tell you if he strays so you have to live with it for the rest of your life or would you rather him not tell you so you can live in the comfort knowing he is always coming back to you.
5.) if you can win over the mother you have almost made the home run. the mother is the key. make his mom fall in love with you and the sky is the limit. Turkish moms however only want what they think is best for their "perfect" sons ("perfect" meaning in ones own defenition) and Turkish moms 99% of the time think that the best for their sons is a Turkish women. Beleive me you have to try approxamelty 5 times harder than a turkish woman to win over the mother.
6.) RELIGION ... i dont mean to offend anyone who reads this by my next comment but Muslim men will marry Muslim women. this is almost a guarantee. unless he is willing to give up his family FOREVER which means he really has to love you (and if this is you congratulations .. i wish you all the bast) because i know for a fact that if your turkish man has a even slightly religious upbringing he will not marry a non muslim woman.. sadly but truly a turkish muslim man is usually only playing with any woman of a different religion (if this is you i am really sorry.. but keep your hopes up because your man could be different.. i am just speaking from experience).. something very closely tied to religion is virginity.. if he doesnt love you for who you are he will love you for your virginity. virginity is very important to a turkish guy.. if not one of the utmost important things.. he may love you if you are not a virgin but the number of guys you've been with (if u tell the truth) is very much important to turkish guys...

girls i can honestly keep going.. if someone would like me to i will... but no woman reveals all her secrets in one night..

74.       ELA
41 posts
 21 Jun 2005 Tue 05:40 pm

i am just curiosity what turkish mans think about this

75.       Seticio
550 posts
 21 Jun 2005 Tue 05:43 pm

some of them won't say anything because they feel ashamed, coz they know this is about them and some will feel sorry that there are such guys in their country

76.       ELA
41 posts
 21 Jun 2005 Tue 06:21 pm

I think this is a good oportunity for dukahve to write something

77.       ELA
41 posts
 21 Jun 2005 Tue 06:23 pm

duskahve * sorry

78.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 21 Jun 2005 Tue 06:56 pm

why me?

79.       ELA
41 posts
 22 Jun 2005 Wed 10:20 am

i wrote wrong again , ur nick confusing me DUSKAHVESI i hope is correct now...

Why u ?
I think u started this or i am wrong again , but i see that u like to write also , so maybee u have something to say , and u are Turkish guy , so is this true , what u think about this ? I just asking !

80.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 22 Jun 2005 Wed 03:47 pm

some of them is correct, some of them is uncorrect...

well talk to u later on msn

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