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Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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80.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 22 Jun 2005 Wed 03:47 pm

some of them is correct, some of them is uncorrect...

well talk to u later on msn

81.       yanyan samson
2 posts
 07 Jul 2005 Thu 09:47 pm

hi, i'm a new comer and its gonna be my first talk in this community, i really thank you all for posting message here, so that i've got the chance to share all of ur experience and get to know turkey better. my love experience with a turkish guy starts online ( hope dont end online, we have not met yet ) i've been in love with him for nearly 5 months so far...i think he's a very typical turkish guy with all the virtues you've mentioned here, he's totally 10 yrs older than me but sometimes acts like a very cute child. his love words were poured out on me in the first few talks, before i thought we really knew each other , but during these 5 months i find out gradually that he really mean it. althought we just talk online , but i 've got my feeling . he's quite romantic and emotional( i once thought it was due to his job,but figured out in here later that its the common characteristic for tuk guys )yes, i guess most of the turkish guy has no problem in speaking out of love, he learnt how to say "wo ai ni " ( i love you in chinese) pretty fast , tells every of his friend that he's got a chinese girl and shouted my name in taksim square , which make me feel very proud of . he is kinda possesive too ( cuz he cares about me too much )and also has a strong sense of responsiblity for "family" concept . i start getting to know more about turkey lately, i noticed that some of the posts here are about the very terrible and regretable love experience with turk guy ( i hope you could get over it soon and have a brand new start all over again) but it does not mean that all turk guy act like that, right? just feel carefully with ur heart and trust ur feeling. sometimes, we hurt each other's heart too and i feel like i'm losing him ...but nothing could really mess our relationship up... i write down what happens between us everyday in my diary and figure out that after all the happiness and unhappiness we shared together, here we are, doing fine and holding each other's hand even more tightly than ever before . we are on our way. he is supposed to be here with me in the later summer, so my sweet day is approaching, i am quite excited and nervous about it , but i know we are gonna be fine ....he's really a right guy that i've been looking for all my life , i dont know what i did to deserve him , but i know with him i can be turely happy.

82.       CheekyGirl
2 posts
 13 Jul 2005 Wed 09:47 am

Just wanting to know someones opinion on a turkish man with a divorced woman? I read they are interested in the amount of men youve been with.....so if its very limited but you've been married is this a huge issue???

Also do u think the less men a woman has been with is "not cool" to a turkish man whose been with heaps?

i know they might be strange questions but I am curious.

83.       joe_rdl
55 posts
 15 Jul 2005 Fri 07:37 am

Hi all!!... I've been having some male turkish friends for the last 7 months (all of them online friends)and based on my experience I dont think turkish men are passionate men or loving man...I think they are BIG WOMANIZERS!!!!...its true they are caring persons...but more than that I think they are obsesed with foreing girls, and we girls get confused thinking they are soooooooo caring boys.

Based on my experience...I think they like to have control of the relationship (loving or just friendship)..if they dont..then they will change... and sometimes kinda cut relationship.

Hey girls I will give you and advice.... if you dont know your man face to face (I mean, if you only know him by internet) then be careful...take care of your heart....dont believe every nice and cute word comes from the bottom of their heart....believe me turkish guys are such Womanizers!!! they all know the same words...they will all tell you the same thing... I thank God Im not a girl that falls in love inmediatly...cuz I will be in love with all the male turkish friends I have (6) heheheheh

I think u can only know if he really loves you...when he looks deep into your eyes....and just with his look tells you how much you mean to him, how much he loves you (and this is for all men..not only turkish)
take care you all

84.       catwoman
8933 posts
 15 Jul 2005 Fri 07:32 pm

Good post! finally someone noticed .

85.       carla
320 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 01:14 am

I have just had a bad expeience online, with a Turkish guy who pretended to be friendly.....He now has hacked into my MSN account and changed my password and details so I can't access it, and told me the only way he'll give my MSN back is if I do rude things on webcam! Of course I would not degrade myself for ANYTHING, and told him he can keep it, but I have contacted some webmasters. This boy is a blackmailing, evil pervert, I really hope the majority are not like this.

86.       uluejder
19 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 02:54 am

no sh*t!
hey you should publish the name and email of the guy and all the details you know. Forward his blackmailing comments to the police or something. If there's anything I can help let me know. And of course this is not a matter of which country he is from, you can find that kind of scumbag anywhere, in your country, in mine, in turkey, in greenland, etc

87.       Jonathan
30 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 11:28 am

Too true, you really should do something about that even if it is just to publicise his name so that other people do not get caught out by his behaviour. He is a bad example for guys everywhere.

88.       carla
320 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 02:02 pm

as far as I know he is not on this website thank goodness, but his name is Volkan..... I would give his email as well but if he ever finds me I'm scared what he could do next.

89.       Jonathan
30 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 02:14 pm

I understand your concern regarding this idiot. However, even his name Vulkan should still help. And from the male point of view I am sorry that you had to experience something like that, most of us are ok I think. Keep your chin up and learn from the experience. Kendine iyi bak.

90.       Jonathan
30 posts
 16 Jul 2005 Sat 02:16 pm

Sorry, Volkan not Vulkan

(121 Messages in 13 pages - View all)
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