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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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70.       duda
0 posts
 12 Mar 2007 Mon 03:37 am

Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate it, and I hope I will find in my country.

71.       duda
0 posts
 12 Mar 2007 Mon 03:47 am

Thanks for the link. I download from Gutenberg often, but never have time to go through its catalogue.
Wish you nice evening.

72.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 01 Jan 2008 Tue 06:26 am

As an English person with only a year's experience of anything Turkish, I am not well up on Turkish poets but I notice the posts are including other nationalities. So, in no particular order:

I have recently bought work by Yunus Emre and Rumi and my first impression is one of wonder.

Emily Bronte 1818 - 1848 England - little known as a poet and best known for her "Wuthering Heights", a brilliant piece of work.

Ted Hughes 1930 - 1998 England Poet and Author and I most admire his children's story "The iron Man" (appeals to adults too) which I think has many poetic phrases/techniques within it.

Roger McGough 1937 - England. Writer of children's poetry - we all have to start somewhere and I enjoyed sharing his poems with my daughter when she was young and also my students now.

Seamus Heaney - 1939 - Northern Ireland. I haven't read him in a long time but I remember studying his work at University and enjoying it.

William Wordsworth 1770-1850 England

William Shakespeare 1564-1616 England

Wilfred Owen 1893-1918 England

William Blake 1757 - 1827 England

Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1772 - 1834 England, - was also a philosopher

John Keats 1795-1821 England

There are many other English poets I could list but, as I don't read much of them it wouldn't be fair and I would like to leave room for some new ones, which I will search from the previous posts.

I would really recommend people to read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Not a poem but the language and imagery is super. It's not such a long book either. He brought out a sequel some years ago to mark the 25th anniversary of the publication of The iron Man . . . I think it was called The Iron Woman but I may be wrong. I remember it was more of a 'scarey' theme than the first one though .

Thank you

73.       duda
0 posts
 02 Jan 2008 Wed 03:51 am

I am very glad to see that people are still posting at this wonderful thread. Excellent job, peace train!

But I wonder what those holes up there mean... someone read Leopardi? Or stopped loving Shakespeare's sonnets? :-S Or I am just having a mid-winter night's dream?

O kiss me through the hole of this vile wall!

I kiss the wall's hole, not your lips at all."

74.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 02 Jan 2008 Wed 04:02 am

I wondered about the Vineyards gaps too

duda you made me laugh because you brought back a memory of mine. I played the part of one of those 2 shakespearean characters. I can't be bothered to research and look it up becasue I want to go to bed but I don't remember the name of the character, it was the one who was a man playing the woman's part. What makes that even more odd is, I went to an all girls' school so, I was a girl playing a man, playing a woman. I added a few props of my own without telling the Teacher: I shoved two balloons up the front of my costume, blacked my teeth out and stuck a pin on the end of the dagger. I said my line "Thus die I" stabbed myself (bang went the balloons)and collapsed. The other character made her speech whilst lying across me and we couldn't get our lines out for laughing. The play was produced for the school's Drama Cup . . . needless to say we didn't win, but who cares we had fun

75.       duda
0 posts
 02 Jan 2008 Wed 04:07 am

Great, I am sure Shakespeare would have laughed himself! lol Well, that's an evidence that even the holes in balloons can't spoil a good play.

76.       etimologist
156 posts
 01 Nov 2008 Sat 04:58 am

You all have forgetten Necip Fazil Kisakurek


77.       yilgun-7
1326 posts
 01 Nov 2008 Sat 08:15 pm

78.       lady in red
6947 posts
 01 Nov 2008 Sat 08:18 pm


Quoting yilgun-7



William Shakespeare  -  England

William Wordsworth  -  England
Wilfred Owen -  England
William Blake  -  England
Samuel Taylor Coleridge  -  England

John Keats  -  England

Rudyard Kipling -  India, England

William Butler Yeats - Ireland

Wang Wei  -  China

Nicolas Guillen  -  Africa
Paul Celan  -  Austria
Matsuo Baþa  -  Japan
Aleksandr Sergeyeviç Puþkin  -  Russia
Vladimir Mayakovsky -  Russia

Edgar Allan Poe -  U.S.A.
Walt Whitman  -  U.S.A.
Thomas Stearns Eliot - U.S.A.
Ezra Pound -  U.S.A.

Robert Lee frost  -   U.S.A.

Charles Baudlaire -  France
Paul Verlaine -  France
Guillaume Apollinaire  -  France
Stéphane Mallarme – France

Jacques Prevert -  France 
Arthur Rimbaud  -  France
Louis Aragon  -  France

Paul Eluard -  France

Pablo Neruda  -  Chile

Sappho Ancient  -  Greece

Yannis Ritsos  -  Greece

Garcia Lorca -  Spain
Heinrich Heine  -  Germany
Zbigniew Herbert -  Poland
Laza Kostić -  Serbia
Miloš Crnjanski - Serbia
Bilhana Kavi - India 
Ömer Hayyam - Iran
Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi - Türkiye
Yunus Emre - Türkiye
Pir Sultan Abdal - Türkiye

Ahmet Haþim - Türkiye

Yahya Kemal Beyatlý - Türkiye
Nazým Hikmet Ran - Türkiye

Necip fazýl Kýsakürek  - Türkiye

Orhan veli Kanýk – Türkiye

Cahit Külebi - Türkiye

Turgut Uyar - Türkiye

Edip Cansever - Türkiye

Attila Ýlhan  -  Türkiye 





 Yilgun - why are you posting this when you already started another thread?  We don´t need to run two threads on so-called ´All Time Poets.

79.       yilgun-7
1326 posts
 01 Nov 2008 Sat 08:30 pm

I deleted

80.       lady in red
6947 posts
 01 Nov 2008 Sat 08:47 pm


Quoting yilgun-7

I deleted


 Thank you

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