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Travelling to Turkey

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Budget and Programs Help
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1.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 01:16 pm

Guys,i need some,oppsss,

Merhaba First

İ need your help out here,i want to travel to Türkiye in the summer inşallah,and i want to set my own program not stick to tourism agency programs.
İ want to visit İstanbul for 2 days,and then go to North Türkiye.

Should i book using the internet first?and is it real,i mean what you book here is really what you get ?
Or can i just drop there and make my reservations ?

And anyone knows what budget do i need for 10 days for living there ,is it expensive or cheap ?is it better

Things like that
İ never set my own programs,so im kind of lost :-S
Would appreciate any help i can get

Thanks guys

Ohh,btw, when is inderimli?

2.       Trudy
7887 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 03:34 pm

Canli, you can find many answers (about budgetting, itineraries, places to stay etc) on the Turkey Forum of the Lonely Planet site: http://thorntree.lonelyplanet.com/categories.cfm?catid=15&iCountryId=150

And about making reservations, are you going to the Black Sea Area? Maybe yes than, especially in weekends when many Turkish people themselves stay there it can be crowded. But on the other hand, just going and bargaining at a price will do fine too.

Be sure you have a good travel book, Lonely Planet (that gives prices) or Rough Guide (that doesn't give prices).

Inderim means discount. (A very useful word... )

3.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 03:48 pm

Thanks so much Trudy,i will check it.
Yes,i mean Black Sea Region,i saw pictures and its lovely.

İ didnt know we can bargain at prices,for accommodation? in hotels ?or are there any altarnatives for accommodation than hotels ?

You've mentioned before that you travel alone,and not stiking to some tourist package,or something.

So may i ask what do you do ?
İ mean what step do you do?

And do you take your money with you,is it safe to travel with it in country places ,or can you use Credit Cards there better ?

Things like that

Yes indirim is sale,and its very useful word too

When does it start in Türkiye ?

4.       Trudy
7887 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 04:00 pm

Sure you can bargain for the price of a hotelroom! Give a sigh, raise your eyebrow and in many cases the price will drop without saying a word.... . In some places there are hostels or possibilities of homestay (I think I'm gonna try that out this year in Safranbolu). If you give me the names of the cities you're going to, I can look up for you in the lastest edition of LP (March 2007), then you'll have a clue about prices.

I start with making an itinerary (which will change within days after my arrival.... ), I'm searching on the internet for interesting places - the must-sees. And while travelling I ask a lot to locals, what do they recommend? I make a list of this, copy interesting things from internet and print all out to take it with me. Plus my travel book of course and a small dictionary. The rest I never know upfront, I'll see. That way of travelling I like most, I do it for 20 years now in many countries.

I don't take cash with me, I use my bank card at ATM's and sometimes my Visa in hotels or shops. It's safe, when you use your common sense.

5.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 04:15 pm

Hmmmmm,i like that eyebrow thing,i'll sure will use it lol
And how about language with locals, do they know English there,in country side i mean ?
Or must i get better in Turkish ?

Ps: İ'll Pm you about the places, Thanks

6.       Trudy
7887 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 04:21 pm

Quoting CANLI:

Hmmmmm,i like that eyebrow thing,i'll sure will use it lol
And how about language with locals, do they know English there,in country side i mean ?
Or must i get better in Turkish ?

Better in Turkish is of course the best, don't you already speak it quite good? I only speak and understand a few things and with English and French (!!) plus using my hands to point at objects I managed fine last year.

7.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 04:24 pm

Nope,i dont speak it good at all,im only a bit good in language basics,Grammar,written ama konuşma....hayıırr

8.       oeince
582 posts
 27 Apr 2007 Fri 10:29 pm

i offer u to see safranbolu..if u go be cereful the hotel generally konak (old trkish villas) to be in old safranbolu..cos it has twoı parts and old one worthd to see..

if i were u i would carry my credit card..and a card to take cash..i think those days are indirimli and if u book now it can be good cheaper for u..but choosing ur hotel when u reach a city is also fine..ur choice..

good luck..dont forget to go trabzon too..cos its a great place to see..and my native town..

9.       CANLI
5084 posts
 28 Apr 2007 Sat 09:21 pm

Hmmmm even if i am a Galata Fan will i still be welcome in Trabzon ? lol

Thank you oeince for your help and advice

İ saw an osmanlı hotel in Amasra and its lovely,very beautiful,thanks Trudy for sharing it with me.
İ wish i can find same where i go.

İ appreciate any information i can get specially about karadeniz cause it seems there not enough information about it in the net .

Thank you again

10.       Trudy
7887 posts
 28 Apr 2007 Sat 09:45 pm

Canli, you can look here, there are loads of information!









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