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informal thoughts on breakfast
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1.       pagliaccio
770 posts
 17 Sep 2007 Mon 09:14 pm

Traditionally we are expected to eat three times a day, which is widely accepted and carried out by people, and I am most of the time one of the followers of this tradition; when it comes to breakfast, however, I see no limitations- you say "breakfast"? Breakfast is always welcome any time, anywhere, in any form, with any content and at any number a day!

* * *

Sometimes I can't help thinking that we are born for having breakfast! In those moments it seems to me that breakfast is the reason of our existence.

* * *

One who doesn't like breakfast or hasn't breakfast -is this possible?- at all is the one to be stayed away from!

* * *

Happy is one who would prefer their breakfast in a countryside garden among flowers and trees, in the presence of the sun beams in the morning!

2.       pagliaccio
770 posts
 17 Sep 2007 Mon 10:05 pm

To me, a breakfast is a breakfast with tea. I can't imagine any breakfast without tea. A breakfast without tea is like a human being without legs and arms, like a bird without wings, like a sky without blue. How about coffee?- one might ask now- Breakfast with coffee instead of tea? Only once have I tried so far a breakfast with coffee, and that experience was terrible. If not with tea, thus will I say, let no breakfast be at all!

3.       girleegirl
5065 posts
 17 Sep 2007 Mon 10:29 pm

Quoting pagliaccio:

One who doesn't like breakfast or hasn't breakfast -is this possible?- at all is the one to be stayed away from!

Yeah, it's possible! Not a fan of breakfast...can't stomach eggs, coffee or tea. I have only recently started eating anything at all for breakfast and it is usually oatmeal or a protien bar and some fruit.
Difficult to do though.

4.       pagliaccio
770 posts
 18 Sep 2007 Tue 11:42 pm

If I were a novelist, I would write a breakfast novel; if a painter, I would paint a breakfast painting; if a musician, I would compose a breakfast symphony; if a sculptor, I would sculpt a breakfast statue.

5.       pagliaccio
770 posts
 18 Sep 2007 Tue 11:46 pm

I defy anyone to claim all the universe doesn't move just for the sake of breakfast!

6.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 18 Sep 2007 Tue 11:47 pm

If I were in Turkey, Id agree with you!

7.       lunila
200 posts
 19 Sep 2007 Wed 02:37 am

how can someone lived without breakfast! :-S i only have one doubt french one or turkish one?

8.       pagliaccio
770 posts
 19 Sep 2007 Wed 11:01 pm

Breakfast one of the very few things to which I never ever say "NO!" in all conditions. As long as it is breakfast in question, I am all, from head to toe, a "YES!".

9.       pagliaccio
770 posts
 19 Sep 2007 Wed 11:04 pm

Give me my breakfast, and all meals be yours!

10.       KeithL
1455 posts
 19 Sep 2007 Wed 11:06 pm

This might be the only issue that I disagree with Ataturk on. Ataturk never ate breakfast. Personally, I think maybe he was too hung over to eat....

Perfect breakfast for me:

tea, (not bag)
white cheese
fresh bread
strawberry jam, fresh
breakfast salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, mint, olive oil and lemon juice)
on occasion sucuk

(140 Messages in 14 pages - View all)
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