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Witches in Saudi Arabia?
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50.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:04 pm

Quoting adonis:

femme fatal and her compainions, icluding catwoman, are always hiding the unbrella of feminism to insult Islam, unique cultures and the events. because they have no business, only write here just for insulting without writing logical entries.

Don't you think that if it's so easy to insult Islam, maybe there's something wrong with it? Oh, no, right - you are the lucky one who is a MALE and therefore won't be forced to all the things you would be forced to if you were a woman. Also, you live in quite a liberal country so it's easier again. Think about what happens to people in strictly Islamic countries and what it has to do with Human Rights. Do you think Islam is about Human Rights? If yes, please convince me using ARGUMENTS not insults. Remember a barking dog is usually afraid, not right.


I'm still waiting the answer of my question. why they are still here? why don't you make your own countries and your women rights get better?

They are here because they have all the right to do it. They've been here long before you and surely will be long after you're gone. As for helping women in their own countries. How do you know they don't do it?


writing only silly and insulting entries can't survive you and you will be exploited frequently...

got it?

Was it a rhetorical question?

51.       AEnigma III
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:05 pm

Unfortunatley yes you do represent these people, Adonis. You have no religious leaders, so we can only judge your religion by its followers

I have never heard muslims stand up PUBLICALLY and condemn regimes like Saudi Arabia. These regimes are your worst enemies.

Stop winging and insulting women who dare to speak up against the obscene way that fellow human beings are treated in these societies, and start to show us that you have equal compassion for them as WE DO. Why do you fight us, but not them?

I really don't believe that you have NO COMPASSION in you for other humans, whatever country or religion. Stop being defensive and show us the side of Islam that you want us to see.

52.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:09 pm

Quoting adonis:

If you are the exact supporter of freedom, why don't you think about Inquisition Courts? aren't they primitive?

That's the punch line of every attempt to debate with a Muslim. For your information The medieval Inquisition ended in 1230, only Spaniards had their own until 1830. Even if we take 19th century as the end of Inquisition, it is still 2 (TWO) centuries ago, and The Church has apologised for it. Islamic violation of Human rights continues until today and nobody apologises for it.

53.       femme_fatal
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:10 pm

Quoting eddie:

FF you speak with a mean spirited tongue.

i cant speak calm and polite on these matters.

Quoting eddie:

There is no need
for this. 'Bang your head'....People die for such causes..
Equality...it must begin somewhere my friend.

and you are so calm when they die.

Quoting eddie:

'Teaching and Preaching' ...I've done no such thimg...I
merely suggested. Is this not allowed. Please do not take
me out of context.

then dont throw stupid slogans.

Quoting eddie:

You call Adonis 'primitive' with one side of your mouth
then try and lambast me for doing it...hmmm

im not accusing you for judging adonis. im judging your advises for women.

Quoting eddie:

Make you mad?....You do not know me. I am not made that

dont know you, but reading your posts. you speak like peace train and alameda.

Quoting eddie:

If you have begun 'long ago'.....continue....Persevere..
don't quit....stop at nothing....

and you clap your hands and borrow your wisdom.

Quoting eddie:

....Come visit us ....We don't bite....

you? the society of dead gentlemen?

54.       eddie
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:10 pm

Quoting AEnigma III:

Quoting alameda:

Why on earth are people picking on Eddie? At least his heart is in the right place. Can't he be given some credit for trying, instead of coming down so hard on him?

Am I being rude or insulting to Eddie?
Sorry, but I thought this was a discussion forum

Discussion forum...true enough...a marketplace of ideas.
Clearly no room for 6th grade insults to women or anyone
for that matter (Mr.A ).
I take no umbrage to insults - it is like water off
my back. Mean spirited words hold nothing. But mean
spirited words lead to grenades, and that leads to
violence......Violence leads to disaster.

I have no ill feelings to AE or FF or Mr Adonis....They
are human beings like me....have feelings like me....hold
opinions like me.....

Thank you Alameda...I trully wish for all peoples of the
world to come together to save the life of this woman...
My heart indeed is in the right place...
Thank you all for contributing kindly....
No more 6th grade remarks ok Mr A ?....Hold no malice in
with your words Adon....you will get farther in life...

55.       AEnigma III
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:17 pm

Nice to see you writing in the forums Eddie (Don't mind Femme - she ate poisoned chocolate this morning )

56.       femme_fatal
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:18 pm

hope, didnt hurt eddie's gentle feelings.

57.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:20 pm

femme - are you still trying to figure out who eddie is?

58.       AEnigma III
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:21 pm

Quoting Elisabeth:

femme - are you still trying to figure out who eddie is?

I thought he was King of TC?

59.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:24 pm

Quoting AEnigma III:

Quoting Elisabeth:

femme - are you still trying to figure out who eddie is?

I thought he was King of TC?

Are we sure he is a he? Maybe eddie is queen? I have a friend Edith...we call her Eddie! Edith...is that YOU?

60.       femme_fatal
0 posts
 14 Feb 2008 Thu 08:25 pm

Quoting Elisabeth:

femme - are you still trying to figure out who eddie is?

its obvious who he is
hes a campanion of peace train and alameda. "innocent" and polite. people who always think good of themselves. who always care about only for their good image in public.
not my type.

hope, didnt scare him away

(129 Messages in 13 pages - View all)
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