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13th Anniversary of the Bosnian Genocide
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40.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 15 Jul 2008 Tue 08:57 am

Quoting zhang ziyi:

Daydreamer, it is now high time for you to admit your mistake You can't carry on like this and soak with more errors trying to defend and cover your previous feral mistake.

I would gladly admit it if it weren't for the fact I see none Tami argued that Christian nation (in his understanding a Christian nation is a nation that has Christian majority) but for nazi Germany, was never recognised as perpetrator in case of genocide. It is not true as USSR actually was. Of course, they didn't commit the genocide because they were Christians (neither did Germans) - if you thought that's the point I was arguing then nope, it isn't. Religion was against communistic ideology, but it doesn't change the fact that majority of Russians have been, are and will be Orthodox I spent 28 years living next to them and have lots of friends there (plus my family has roots there) so it's not merely a fact I read on Wiki

Plus, besides USSR and contemporary Russia's violence against Chechnya, I gave examples of convicted criminals like Milosevic, Christian priest sentenced for Rwanda genocide and Church apologising for crimes in the past. Now, where is the mistake?

41.       Leelu
1746 posts
 15 Jul 2008 Tue 09:09 am

Quoting tamikidakika:

Who Remembers?



in my mind anything that has "ethnic cleansing" in the sentance is genocide. I have seen these words associated with the atrocoties committed in the balkans more times than I have fingers and toes. It sad that in this "modern age" there are those that feel the need to "ethnically cleanse" places in the world.

(41 Messages in 5 pages - View all)
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