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Veiled Muslim woman denied French citizenship
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30.       catwoman
8933 posts
 16 Jul 2008 Wed 07:03 pm

Canli, that article is taken from Wikipedia.

Waiting for your PM, thank you.

31.       zhang ziyi
205 posts
 16 Jul 2008 Wed 08:33 pm


32.       zhang ziyi
205 posts
 16 Jul 2008 Wed 08:46 pm


33.       CANLI
5084 posts
 17 Jul 2008 Thu 12:49 am

Quoting zhang ziyi:

Quoting CANLI:

Quoting catwoman:

Canli, so are you saying that this article is false? (I am really trying to learn.)

Delighted cat
But i will pm it to you.
As i said,i have no intend to make things easy for ZZ if he/she cares
And if he/she doesnt,then there is no need for her/him to know

Its now last time I ask you to address me correct. I suspect you do it intentionally. And I take it as offense and report to the Admin.
Do they teach you good manners in Egypt about how to regard genders? Or you simply don't see the difference between male and female.

mmmmm,i didnt know there was a first time to start with !

Well,i dont understand your question actually
What do you mean,'Do they teach you good manners in Egypt about how to regard genders?'
İf i take the first part,it would be offensive,if i take the whole sentence,i dont understand it...
So,actually i wont reply it,and wont report to admin too,he has enough reports i guess

Second question,i take it you are refering to my usage of 'he/she' thing ?
Well,i dont know if you are male or female,so i wrote both so you dont feel offended
İ didnt know i should know if you are male or female by just reading your posts !
As for your profile,you are saying you are male,and putting a female pic ,so actually i didnt get it which is which

İf that offended you,you could simply pm me about it and i will clarify it.
So maybe if there was a first time 'that you ask me to adress you correctly' then there wouldnt be last time,and you wouldnt be offended about it that long
İt wasnt my intention anyway.
You've reported it to admin so im sure problem will be solved shortly.

34.       CANLI
5084 posts
 17 Jul 2008 Thu 01:14 am

Quoting zhang ziyi:

CANLI, you take things personally. I had/have no intention to harm your emotions (I don't care) or your country. I don't think I can. I think you take everything as an attack (you have a very strong self-defense instinct) while I was just responding to your opinion that you gave about 'How everyone leaves in peace with everyone and non-muslims are respected and treated equally in Egypt'.

You also showed your opinion about dogs being eaten and I didn't take it as an insult.
When I say there are 'hole' toilets in Egypt and in China, you feel insecure I included your country.

Finally we agree on one thing,that we both dont care so we both cant harm each other emotions too
And thank you for the therapy,was an eye opener.

You just dont get it
You are even using the word 'your opinion' here too
İ was not saying an opinion,im saying something i live it here,and you respond to me by posting some article from the web to tell me how do we 'MY PEOPLE' live in my OWN country?!!!
So,not logical to me actually
İ remember we had debats here,and my country been included in the middle,i had it with keithl,with gezbella,they have been to my country,visited it,so we can actually have that kind of debat
As visitors they see things,they may understand it right,they may understand it wrong,so we do have base to talk about,to argue too
Even some people came,saw our lives here and report something else TOTALLY,and it happened too

But giving me article to tell me how do we live here ?!

Same as 'hole' toilets too,i said it was here once in the past,even i dont know when,but i know it existed
i said you may find it in country sides
But we dont use it,not in public,not in people's houses...
We just dont use it
My grandparents didnt have it which we are talking about the 19th
So if i say yes we do use it...then its not true
İ dont know how can this offend you too ?!

As for eating dogs,i dont believe i said anything that may offend you even its forbidden in my religion to eat dogs i didnt judge it
İ didnt say its good or bad,i didnt say anything for that matter.
İ simply didnt appreciate that one can eat his old pet,and that im afraid is a personal opinion even if many agree with,still personal

Quoting zhang ziyi:

Quoting CANLI:

Ohhh,mmmm,i forgot to ask you why did you left China and went to USA ?
You have said you are American/Chinese as i remember, havent you ?!

I suppose this is not your business. I do not take out to the forums my/your personal business and lifestyle.

Fair enough

35.       CANLI
5084 posts
 17 Jul 2008 Thu 01:36 am

Quoting catwoman:

Canli, that article is taken from Wikipedia.

Waiting for your PM, thank you.

Yes,then read the whole of it at Wiki then


Some points till i pm you about it,

-İf they were REALLY that depresed in my country they wouldnt dare to do such

'Copts in modern Egypt
In 2005 a group of Coptic activists created a flag to represent Copts worldwide[22]. This flag is not officially recognized by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria'


- Jizya in İslam
was paid by none Muslims as extra tax for the reason that Muslims defending them,their lives,their properties
Because they werent joining the army.

İn my country,they dont pay it,and they join the army

- Christians leave Egypt to go to USA,and Canada,for same reason that you or zz left your countries and went to USA
İ didnt mean to ask zz for personal information,i meant to make ZZ understand it personally without any explanations from me.
Why Christians and not Muslims,you can ask USA about it

The rest will pm you later.

(35 Messages in 4 pages - View all)
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