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To Daydreamer - It´s A Boy!
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20.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 02 Sep 2008 Tue 10:03 pm

He´s beautiful DD! 

21.       deli
5904 posts
 02 Sep 2008 Tue 10:27 pm


Quoting Daydreamer

Thank you guys for your wishes! {#lang_emotions_ty_ty}I still can´t believe it has happened Olaf is a cute young fellow worth all the pain I went through. Here´s my little wee man




22.       mltm
3690 posts
 02 Sep 2008 Tue 11:15 pm

Congratulations! "Allah analı babalı büyütsün!". I hope one day I go through this pain and have something like this too

23.       catwoman
8933 posts
 17 Sep 2008 Wed 10:52 pm


Quoting lady in red

Many congratulations DD!!




OMG, I just saw this! Fabulous pic LIR! {#lang_emotions_lol}{#lang_emotions_lol}{#lang_emotions_lol}

(23 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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