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Travelling to Turkey

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London to Izmir?
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10.       sonunda
5004 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 11:14 pm


Quoting eiddie

 ´It Must Be Love´ - Alan Jackson


What a great reason !


:  >


 I was thinking more ´Madness´

11.       doudi94
845 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 11:26 pm


Quoting sonunda

 I was thinking more ´Madness´


NO!!! not madness never!!!

12.       sonunda
5004 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 11:30 pm

Calm down canim-it was before your time!

13.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 11:30 pm


Quoting erdinc

and taking a bus or another flight to İzmir.





 I do that sometimes too, bus tickets are really cheap, for around 40 ytl you can find a ticket. But you will have to take the service to the busstation, (a taxi will be expensive if you travel from sabiha gökçen), or take the metro if you land on Atatürk airport. Without speaking Turkish it might be a bit difficult to find the way, because the busstation is not situated that close to the airports. From Atatürk Airport, the bus to İzmir would take between 10-11 hours, from Sabiha Gökçen it is 8-9 hours.


I´d suggest a domestic flight, it saves you a lot of trouble, buses aren´t too comfortable (depending from company to company, it differs. I would suggest Kamilkoç Rahat hat, you get your own tv screen in the seat in front of you, the seats are bigger and you can get to keep your phone on during the trip. But they are more expensive, you can find a plane ticket at that price), and adding the money for the service to the busstation or to Taksim square (where buscompany offices are situated too), would cost you 7-10 liras, lets not mention taxi fees.


The reason I take the bus, is because it is cheap and because the first time I spoke sufficiently Turkish to ask the way, the second time it was easy.

14.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 11:38 pm

I´ll add another idea in case you can´t find anything after all the tips you got so far. If you were to consider the istanbul-bus to izmir-idea, you might as well check flights to Bodrum. Bodrum airport is pretty outside the city, but there are services to the city centre, and the buscompanies are situated close to the centre, around the big square where the buses take off as well. The bus from Bodrum to İzmir would take around half the time that the bus from İstanbul to İzmir would take, let´s say 6 hours.


Two tips when you travel by bus in Turkey:


- Make sure they book you a single seat next to another female.

- Turn off your cellphone during the entire trip

- Half way the trip, the bus stops at a ´refreshment place´ (dont know the english word), usually a big restaurant with a small shop too, where you can use the restroom and have something to eat. Generally the breaks are around half an hour, so you better be in the bus again after around 20 minutes. They announce when the buses are taking off again, but it´s rather hard to understand for a non speaker, and you dont want to be left alone 




15.       *Carla Louise*
207 posts
 09 Sep 2008 Tue 12:18 am

Oh dear, for my first time travelling I should really avoid the bus. I know I will cry like a child if I get left behind or if I get scared :S


I´ve been told by the person I have to visit that they will collect me from either Izmir or Bodrum airport, which saves some hassle. I´m really nervous about travelling alone, and my parents want to know I will be as safe as possible.  As long as I get to one airport somehow for a decent price I don´t mind. I sound crazy. I am a bit But it´s something I have to for my heart and mind. Long story.


Thank you everyone for your help and advice, I´d be lost if it wasn´t for all of your help

16.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 09 Sep 2008 Tue 12:30 am

Where is it you are going then, if I may ask?


Bodrum is easy to get at by car from İzmir if they are to pick you up. We went there by car this summer. I have to admit we drove to Didim first, I wouldnt know if there is a faster way, but the way to Didim is practically one long straight road. To Bodrum is kind of through a road with many turns next to a big lake and mountains, but still pretty fine and a nice road too.

17.       *Carla Louise*
207 posts
 09 Sep 2008 Tue 03:03 pm

Well, the person I´m visiting is currently in Didim, and when I spoke to them they told me that they will collect me from Izmir or Bodrum airport by car, so I won´t have to worry about transport from the airport. So all I have to do is somehow get to Izmir or Bodrum airport, but I´m guessing Izmir is easier in the Winter months? I paid 60 pounds into my bank today, I´m working hard to get this sorted. I think flying to Istanbul as suggested and getting a domestic flight to Izmir sounds a good option if I can´t fly direct.

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