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MEDİZ campaigns to end media gender discrimination
1.       Trudy
7887 posts
 21 Sep 2008 Sun 10:38 am

The Women´s Media Watch Group (MEDİZ), which is fighting to end sexism in the Turkish media, has published a book suggesting an organized struggle for the protection and enhancing of women´s rights in the Turkish media.   

MEDİZ, which was established in 2003 by 23 women´s organizations and has the sponsorship of the EU, has gathered its experiences, campaigns, conference papers and research in its book, titled "End to Sexism in Media," which is available in both in English and Turkish. The book points out that violence and discrimination toward women and the way these subjects are treated in the media are not only the issue of women but of society.

MEDİZ suggests that media institutions and those working in the field should treat the violation of women’s rights as a social issue and engage in responsible reporting in order to prevent such violations. “However, apart from behaving responsibly in order to prevent these kinds of violations, we bear witness to the media’s own violation of these rights,” the group notes in the book.

According to MEDİZ, the media are violating women’s rights in a variety of ways, such as using sexist language, invading women’s personal lives, revealing the identities of women who have been assaulted in sexual or violent crimes, making sexist judgments, questioning the morality and lifestyle of women assaulted in sex crimes, portraying women only as sex symbols and giving little time to stories on women.


More: http://www.sundayszaman.com/sunday/detaylar.do?load=detay&link=153803


Are pictures of half-naked women still normal on the second page of daily newspaper Hürriyet?


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