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copyrighted law enforcement
1.       cedars
235 posts
 24 Nov 2008 Mon 05:40 pm

I just noticed that in the new series "aski memnu" (2008) on Kanal D they use the same photo from the book twilight ( the twilight saga book 1)  by stephenie meyer   (2006) 

It is stated on the cover of the book that all materiasl are copyrighted! the cover page photo included i believe.


I was wondering whether the copyright law is enforced in Turkey or not?


below are the photos from both the series and the book.



Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)



2.       justinetime
1018 posts
 24 Nov 2008 Mon 06:34 pm

it looks really similar, but there are some slight differences, hand placing, lighting, etc... or maybe the photographer for the Turkish one copied the same concept from the cover of the twilight book... not sure...

3.       justinetime
1018 posts
 26 Nov 2008 Wed 06:30 pm

totally off topic.. but i had just watched twilight... and omg... it´s a chick flick with a twist... hihihi... loves it....

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