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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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Orhan Pamuk
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1.       MaryEldar
0 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 02:26 am

Hello People.

Today i was very happy becouse i found a turkish book in my language!! I found: Orhan Pamuk, Benim Adim Kirmizi.
I come internet to read about Orhan,but i'm surprised becouse i read that is in judgment by "insulting to the nation"... then.. is not recommendable to read his books? Someone can explain me this? What is your opinion?

Thank you in advance.

Mary T.

2.       Elisa
0 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 11:08 am

Why don't you google a bit? Here is some info on Orhan Pamuk from Wikipedia.

3.       Kadir37
0 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 06:51 pm

4.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 06:54 pm

is this book online anywhere?? i was hoping to read it myself...

5.       Kadir37
0 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 07:08 pm

6.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 07:26 pm

They have Orhan Pamuk in Dutch and Turkish in our library, I suppose it should be the same in England, especially regarding that you live near London

If i were you I'd check it out

I recommend 'Yeni Hayat' (The new life) and 'Kara kitap' (The black book). Also 'Beyaz Kale' (the white castle) is intriguing to read, as it has a very surprising end.
Though comments on him are always negative, I think he is a very good writer. I don't care much about his freaky personality, as long as his works are good

I'm currently reading books from Yaşar Kemal, he is definitely worth reading, probably even more than Orhan Pamuk, in my opinion! (Yaşar Kemal is not his real name though, i forgot the real one, but this is a pseudonyme for his works).

7.       catwoman
8933 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 07:29 pm

If you want to read more about Pamuk and his works, as well as about other famous Turkish people, you can find it here:


8.       Elisa
0 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 07:33 pm

I bought "Istanbul", his latest book I think.
Anyone read it yet?

9.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 07:38 pm

Quoting Elisa:

I bought "Istanbul", his latest book I think.
Anyone read it yet?

I read half of it It makes you feel sorry about never having lived there!!

I didn't finish it, I decided I will start it again once i visited Istanbul myself.

Ohh and yes indeed, it's his latest book. (if he didnt write one in the meantime, that is )

10.       MaryEldar
0 posts
 29 Mar 2006 Wed 10:26 pm

Hello every body!

Thank you for your posts.
I will read the webpages and later i will give my comments.

Please, Can you tell me other turkish authors??
I hope found other books here in my city!!

Mary T.

(21 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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