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thanks turkish class
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20.       TheJanissary
384 posts
 22 Jul 2009 Wed 03:59 pm


Quoting Trudy



 The army document? All women will have that missing. Does that mean you only want to have dinner with a guy? What the hell!


 First 2 with meet with kenan imirzalýoðlu, third one with me

we will choose the lucky one

21.       Trudy
7887 posts
 22 Jul 2009 Wed 04:10 pm


Quoting TheJanissary



 First 2 with meet with kenan imirzalýoðlu, third one with me

we will choose the lucky one


 Changing rules suddenly? Chickened a bit? lol lol

22.       Trudy
7887 posts
 22 Jul 2009 Wed 04:11 pm


Quoting vineyards

 Dutch treat, probably.




 Uhuh! No way! That`s very old fashioned (or do you imply TheJ. is that?   )

23.       girleegirl
5065 posts
 22 Jul 2009 Wed 05:56 pm


Quoting Elisabeth



 Haven´t you been paying attention to the translation forums all these years


 You mean I will win his undying love and we will talk for hours and hours and hours without knowing what each other are saying but then he will lose his cell phone and his laptop will break so we will have no way of contacting each other so I will send him fancy electronics and we will be back together and then he will ask for my help so I send him money to open a shop and we start working on getting his visa but then suddenly he becomes ill and has to go to the hospital and he can´t afford the medical care so he needs me to send him more money and then......................I will never hear from him again???


Quoting Elisabeth

or have you just been goofing off in the "General Discussion" forums

I will get youYou smartass!No wayRant


Quoting Elisabeth

and causing problems?



24.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 08 Aug 2009 Sat 05:02 pm


Quoting TheJanissary



 if you learn turkish all. we will arrange a meeting for you with Kenan Ýmirzalýoðlu



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25.       hazzel
13 posts
 11 Nov 2013 Mon 08:48 am

          " This web site is built for teaching Turkish to my love. "



Does anyone know who this is? It reads ´to my love´, but whose?

The Administrators are: admin, catwoman, and Elisabeth, all three

being decent people.

Thank-you to the creators of this website! Thank-you administrators!

Thank-you to the people here such as stumpy, Mavili, Kaanistanbul, deli

and Henry who all make turkishclass enjoyable because of their posts and

respectfully tolerant-nature.







26.       kashf-ul-eman
180 posts
 11 Nov 2013 Mon 08:24 pm


Quoting nifrtity

only iwant thanks the site bec it help me to know turkish now ican read understand writing

many thanks turkish class


Yes its a very very great effort to creating and providing such a plate form where all around the people can lean Turkish language by natives in convinient way.

I know my words are not enough for this . I hope these flowers can better represent my wishes and happy feelings for all of you


Special Thanks To,


All the teachers

All the cordinators

All the friends

All those who understand me

May Allah bless you all , stay happy and healthy


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(26 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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