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Çam sakýzý aðda
1.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 24 Jul 2009 Fri 01:01 pm

Does anyone have experience with çam sakýzý aðda? A friend of mine adviced me and now I bought a can of it, but the instructions are very limited, so I really could use some help. If you have previously used it, could you please PM me so that I can ask you some questions?


Thanks in advance



ps - It is the cam sakýzý süper aðda, the one that you use without cloth/bez.

Edited (7/24/2009) by Deli_kizin

2.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 25 Jul 2009 Sat 10:51 pm

Hiç Türk kýzý yok mu burada The fact that this thread went unanswered seems to show that there are almost only Turkish male members and not female


Anyway, I figured it out So no information necessary. If you need help, from now on you can ask me

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