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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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yılmaz erdoğan
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1.       ramayan
2633 posts
 26 Apr 2006 Wed 02:31 am

a poet,director,actor... i will add his biography later

Adın Bahardı

Kente yanlızlık gelirdi sen uyuyunca
Yüzümde mevsim değişirdi uyandığında
Bilmezdin gizliden seni sevdiğimi
Aşkın içimde solardı adın bahardı

Eteğini koştururdun sokağımızda
Sokak sus pus olur sana bakardı
Bilmezdin gizliden izlediğimi
Gözlerim gözlerinden korkardı
Hatırlıyorum adın bahardı

Sokakta bir bayramdı durakta bekleyişin
Sanki sonsuz bir ayrılıktı okula gidişin
Bilmezdin her sabah seni yolcu ettiğimi
Yüreğim yol boyu ardından ağlardı
Hatırlıyorum adın bahardı


loneliness would come to the city when you slept
the season would change on my face when you woke up
you wouldn't know that I love you
your love would pale inside, your name was bahar

you would run hither and yon, your skirt on our street
the street would be silent and watch you
you wouldn't know that I watch you
my eyes would be afraid of your eyes
I remember your name was Spring

your waiting at the bus stop was a festival on the street
your going to school was as if an eternal seperation
you wouldn't know that I leave you at school every morning
my heart would cry through the way behind you
I remember,your name was bahar
(thanks boop for her effort)

2.       mella
202 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 12:56 pm

I am fascinated by this poem. Thank you, ramayan! Please let me know who sings it. Do you have it in mp3 format?

Best regards,

3.       oceanmavi
997 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 04:38 pm

me too, thats a really beautiful poem, i wanna know who sings it too

4.       ramayan
2633 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 04:56 pm


5.       mella
202 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 05:12 pm

Quoting ramayan:


Very nice and kind, thank you!

6.       Kadir37
0 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 06:15 pm

7.       SuiGeneris
3922 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 06:27 pm

he is really and artist and he is good at writing scenarios succesfully, i first met with him with his play on theaters names "Bir Demet Tiyatro"... didnt read much his poems.. but i totally have to admit that he is good at his job...
movies Vizontele1 and 2, and Organize İşler is very very successful

8.       caliptrix
3055 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 07:25 pm

Quoting Kadir37:

Here is 'Adın Bahardı' as mp3 file:
Singer: Soner Arıca

one more very nice song thanks

9.       oceanmavi
997 posts
 27 Apr 2006 Thu 08:33 pm

thanks kadir

10.       ramayan
2633 posts
 28 Apr 2006 Fri 11:42 am


Sevmek gibi geliyordu her şey,
sevmek gibi gidiyordu kadın
adının anlattığı,canın teni yakmasıydı,
bir bulut evet ama aslolan
bulutun suyu yağmasaydı...

'bir insanı sevmekle başlıyordu her şey'
ve boşanmak için
en az iki şahit gerekiyordu

Yılmaz Erdoğan


everything was like ''to love''
the woman was going like ''to love''
the meaning of ur name,the life,burning a skin
a cloud but the fact
what if the water of cloud didnt rain...

' everything was beginning ''to love'' one
and to divorce
at least you need two

(forgive my mistakes ..i have no editor these days )

(15 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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