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Never ending story
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10.       Elisa
0 posts
 11 Sep 2005 Sun 11:27 pm

And I did! When I got of the plane I had to have my pasport checked. The guy sitting at the desk looked very familiar.. Who is he, I thought. Then I realized: he looked exactly the same as the mysterious stranger I met in the bar in my dream.. He stared at me. Was it just to make sure that I was really the person on the picture in my pasport? It seemed more as if he recognized me as well..

11.       Lyndie
968 posts
 15 Sep 2005 Thu 07:10 pm

...as he took my passport, he looked very carefully at my picture. 'Hoş memnum' he said, a small smile crossing his stern features. He reached under his desk and swiftly handed to me a small bouquet of yellow roses - 'Welcome to Turkey' and with that he turned away, put a small sign up at his desk saying "closed/kapalı" and dısappeared ınto the crowds ...

12.       catwoman
8933 posts
 15 Sep 2005 Thu 10:10 pm

...which was obviously very rude of him, but fortunately he came right back and apologized. He said that somebody was waiting for me and that I'd be going soon on the best trip through Istanbul.

13.       nsa
28 posts
 19 Nov 2005 Sat 05:58 pm

Hmm.... Never ending story hey! looks like it ended as a cliff-hanger!!

14.       satorijane
54 posts
 19 Nov 2005 Sat 06:11 pm

He later told me he was my mysterious guide. Standing on the cliffs at Topkapi palace looking over the sea he apologised for being so rude but he had not known anyone to know his feelings for me at work... he was not sure if...

15.       cyrano
0 posts
 19 Nov 2005 Sat 07:22 pm

...if he must commit suicide!

16.       Lyndie
968 posts
 19 Nov 2005 Sat 07:32 pm

"stop" I said quickly as he pulled a small firearm from his jacket and placed it against his head. "Why will you do this?"
"I must!" he said. "It is my destiny. I have brought you to this place, but now someone else will come."
Quickly I tried to snatch the gun from his hand. We struggled briefly and suddenly to robed figures appeared. Taking me firmly by the arms one of them hissed.
"Do not interfere lady." He must do this.
To my horror my handsome guide from my dream and the airport, pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head....

17.       satorijane
54 posts
 19 Nov 2005 Sat 07:37 pm

...luckily for me there was a trained surgeon nearby. As I knelt by my guides side in terrible fear praying the surgeon would save his life - I saw a piece of paper crumpled in his hand - I removed it - it said.....

18.       ishtar7
46 posts
 23 Dec 2005 Fri 07:36 pm

....something with numbers and some letters, but the paper is torn apart i cant read it unless if i had glue with me to put it together again...

19.       Boop
785 posts
 23 Dec 2005 Fri 07:42 pm

I smoothed out the torn pieces and tried to fit them together ... it appeared that this was some kind of formula.. or a code of some sort perhaps?

20.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 06 Jan 2006 Fri 07:41 pm

may i also add that everything has an end..

(63 Messages in 7 pages - View all)
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