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Never ending story
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20.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 06 Jan 2006 Fri 07:41 pm

may i also add that everything has an end..

21.       cyrano
0 posts
 24 Aug 2006 Thu 12:45 am

"Of course you may!" I was told. Damn! I should never have asked such a question, as I would not be now ready to cry. True-ready, very very ready I am always to cry. But why will you say I am too emotional? Why?

22.       Noela
18 posts
 24 Aug 2006 Thu 01:16 am

O did I mention that I am eight months pregnant. No wonder I want to cry. I think all this excitement has put me into labor. Now I am cring....Is there a doctor in the house????

23.       Ederim
37 posts
 24 Aug 2006 Thu 04:33 am

Miss Ederim? How was your trip? Was the turkish breakfast good enough for you? Wait till you try kebak.
Anyway welcome to the city of great empires: Ottoman, Roman, Bizantine..
I will take you to Marmara Pera Hotel and explaind a few things. Please be aware of turkish seller, they may pretend to be so.. We will meet later at the Blue Mosque night show. Please dress proberly... then......

24.       catwoman
8933 posts
 08 Jul 2007 Sun 08:38 am

Of course I wasn't ok, I was in labor!! It was terrifying, all the plans I had as to how it will happen, what I will do... all in vain. I was worried about the baby. This was clearly not the best place to come to this world... All these thoughts were racing through my head, for a time that seemed like eternity. Thankfully, an ambulance arrived quickly and the next thing I remember was holding my baby, and my husband arranging our going home. Well, not really "home", but to our rented apartment by the sea, where we were going to spend the next three months.
I was feeling very good, so we soon arrived "home" and began our dream vacation, now in a bigger crowd !

25.       aenigma x
0 posts
 08 Jul 2007 Sun 09:00 am

I woke abruptly to the sounds of baby Erdinc's screams and the angry shouts of my husband as he endeavoured to change his nappy.

I felt hungry. All I wanted to to was to take a lazy shower and then stroll along to the little restaurant nearby and have breakfast...... if only!

This was certainly not going to be the "dream vacation" I had imagined

26.       catwoman
8933 posts
 08 Jul 2007 Sun 09:44 am

What a day it was! Things broke at the house and the maintenance didn't show up until a week later, the weather was cold again and we barely went out to the beach, and baby Erdinc was crying all day yesterday. Ohhh, maybe this baby didn't come at the right point of my life, it was exhausting.
I took a long shower and wanted to sneak out of the house, but just then Sulo (the hubby) said there's no more diapers and we need some food shopping. I took the job, stopping on my way in the nearby restaurant. It indeed seemed more like work then vacation!

27.       aenigma x
0 posts
 08 Jul 2007 Sun 09:52 am

I took a corner table at the little restaurant and sighed happily, savouring my solitude. I glanced up as the waiter approached. No! It couldn't be? Surely? Here, standing before me was the customs offical who had acted so strangely at the airport! I somehow managed to order tea, and then rummaged in my handbag. Aha! Here it was, the note from the suicidal guide. I spread the pieces of paper on the table and stared at the feint numbers and letters. Its an address! In Adana!

Leaving the table I decided immediately that the only thing to do was....

28.       catwoman
8933 posts
 08 Jul 2007 Sun 10:15 am

...to fly back home and stop this saga of bizzare events. Yeah, right! I wouldn't be me if I left this seemingly coincidental set of events unsolved.
That evening I told Sulo about my strange meeting of the airport officer in the restaurant and that I wanted to find out what the address meant. Sulo got very interested in this and said that he can inquire about the officer/waiter and take care of the baby while I'm off on a trip to Adana. Phew! This vacation was quickly turning into something entirely different...

29.       teaschip
3870 posts
 23 Jul 2007 Mon 10:06 pm

I went to the airport to catch my flight only to find out, it was delayed three hours. I had three hours to kill, before my flight was leaving for Adana. What to do, I thought. I needed a disguise so that no one would recognize me, so I decided to go into the salon for a quick makeover. The man who was doing my hair and makeup looked so familiar to me. I started to worry, that he knew my identity. When he was finished, I politely thanked him and paid the cashier. As I was walking out the door, he ran over with his business card and said if I was ever in town again, to look him up. I looked down at the card and saw his name, my worst fears flashing before me..

30.       aenigma x
0 posts
 23 Jul 2007 Mon 10:10 pm

Mr X67!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know what to do. I had no idea he was a hairdresser. I wandered blindly through the streets of Adana, my mind racing faster than a name change by Cyrano. What was going on?

I put the business card in my bag and took out the notebook I had written the mysterious address in. I was just going to stop and ask directions when suddenly...

(63 Messages in 7 pages - View all)
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