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Never ending story
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40.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 12:05 am


Quoting lessluv

It was mission impossible……most of Yilgun’s lists had been ripped apart and made into toilet paper and Vineyard had destroyed the vinery on his departure…..all that was left was the MSN….NOOOOOO…He must never ever get access to that….she decided to call the number on the other piece of paper........


 It was the answer machine...."hello you have reached the home of Admin and Catwoman.  We are out buying capnip.  Please leave a message and we will either delete it or get back to you as soon as we can".


Strange.... noticing it was nearly 2pm, I headed for the hamam...

41.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 12:06 am


Quoting libralady

2pm?   But he did not put what day..... did he mean today?  It was then 1:30 pm and she had no idea where she should go.  So hungry and keen to check into her hotel, she hailed a taxi and headed off.


On reaching the hotel, she was greated by the receptionist, a handsom young Turk, with dark skin and deep brown eyes.  He held her glance for a couple of seconds to long..... he must have sensed her unease, still unsure what to do about the guard at the airport. 


She was not so keen to hand out her msn, did not carry Yilgins lists with her and as for vinyards wine, how would she get a bottle???


She made her way to her room, put the key in the door, and slowly opened the door only to find in her room........................................









 Three laptops and a cellphone!  This was getting confusing!

42.       libralady
5152 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 12:07 am

Oh hell, confusion, confusion...............

43.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 12:11 am


Quoting libralady

Oh hell, confusion, confusion...............


 Confusing indeed.. opening one of the laptops, she immediately saw a message typed on the screen "This is the PLDSA (people´s liberation of Deleted Spammers Army) we are going to bomb the hamam at 2pm........"

44.       lessluv
1052 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 12:27 am

The main ringleader Deepblue91210 and Playboy14 had devised an intricate plan using the information they had extracted during a recent hack into the vaults of TLC. They had managed to collate all the personal details of every member that had dared to mark them as spam

45.       libralady
5152 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 02:28 pm

By now, she was in a blind panic......... pacing up and down in the room.  Did I spam these two dudu´s? she was muttering to herself over and over, do they really mean it?  Oh no, what shall I do...................


Just as she was beginning to become calmer, and was starting to formulate a plan, there was a knock at the door.  Who could this be? she thought as she peered through the spy hole................................


OMG it cant be, can it??? oh no its ..................{#lang_emotions_scared}

46.       lessluv
1052 posts
 16 Mar 2009 Mon 11:17 pm

room service!!


I sat down and devoured my plate of baklavas as if it were my last supper......

47.       portokal
2516 posts
 17 Mar 2009 Tue 04:25 pm

To follow room service, it was the cleaning lady. Second knock in half an hour! I opened the door forcing a smile on my face. Well, smiling was not difficult, since my entire being was still keeping the sweetness of baklava. I just felt no desire whatsoever to share this... And what is the cleaning lady doing here right now, anyway? Thought cleaning was done in guests´ absence in cosy hotels like this. She seemed not to care much of messing up my privacy, she entered the room with a firm step. After her shortly entered a vacum cleaner.  She was dragging it after her in the way elder bourgois ladies carry their faithful, fury and noisy dogs. I  would not have been surprised to see a red ribbon tied on the tube of the cleaner.

She inspected the room in a glance, took a short inventary of my shawls. Hearing the turkish music which was on the radio she said to me "Anotolia! Anotolia! Cok guzel! Cokkk guzel!!!" Than , letting down the vacum cleaner´s tube, she started to dance. What was left for me to do? I tried to catch up with her langorous moves...

Edited (3/17/2009) by portokal
Edited (3/17/2009) by portokal

48.       sheena
308 posts
 17 Mar 2009 Tue 05:40 pm

I swear to God she was trying to do the Cobra dance that I had witnessed earlier on you tube.  Someone from TC posted a video there and left a link to it on one of the laptops.   Is she really a cleaner?    Is she really a woman?

49.       alameda
3499 posts
 17 Mar 2009 Tue 06:00 pm

....suddenly the room went dark.  She groped for the flashlight kept on her keychain.....but it didn´t work! A lightning bolt outside  illuminated the room for a brief moment.  In the flash of light she saw a small creature with one eye glowing in the after light. Another flash of light and she saw a pitiful wet and bedraggled creature. Trembling from the cold that was amplified from being wet, the small creature huddled near the gas heater.

50.       portokal
2516 posts
 17 Mar 2009 Tue 08:06 pm

By this time I started to wonder if wouldn´t have been better for me to get an electrician on holiday, instead of that gas heater, which was heavy and ... well one more piece to take care after. Specially in summer. But as I distinguished the creature, I felt relieved. Nothing is aleatory in this whole wide world, I thought, while turning the heater on. By this time, lightning got fixed too. And I saw my neighbours pele warming itself by the heater. I was deeply puzzled. After all, how come peles are so intelligent animals, they smell a heater even in the dark? secondly, how did this little fur-piece landed in my room? Ahh jaaa, I got a flash... it must have been the cleaning lady....

Edited (3/17/2009) by portokal

(63 Messages in 7 pages - View all)
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