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Turkey´s New Years Honours List?
1.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 31 Dec 2009 Thu 12:34 pm

Every year in the UK the Queen announces the New Years Honours List whereby people who have contributed to public life get awars like Knighthood, OBE, MBE etc.


Here is the latest news on it:


Status Quo rockers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, F1 champion Jenson Button and actor Patrick Stewart have been recognised with New Year Honours.

After "Rockin´ All Over the World" for more than 40 years and for charity work, Parfitt and Rossi become OBEs.

Button is appointed an MBE, while there is a knighthood for rugby´s four-time British Lions head coach Ian McGeechan.

Star Trek and X-Men star Stewart, after a triumphant return to the UK stage in recent years, also becomes a knight.

There have been more than 118 million worldwide record sales for Status Quo´s Parfitt, 61, and Rossi, 60, whose hits include "Down Down" and "Whatever You Want".


My Question is this: Who in Turkey do we think should get Honours if the Turkish President were to do the same thing?


Would you say the Ergenekon prosecutor, or one of the accused? The army general, or the journalist who published the report? Aydın Doğan? a pop star or sports personality?



2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 31 Dec 2009 Thu 08:23 pm

That is such a great question.. Do you usually agree with the Queen´s choices?

3.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 01 Jan 2010 Fri 08:29 am


Quoting catwoman

That is such a great question.. Do you usually agree with the Queen´s choices?


 Well, one of the nicest things about it is not just the headline honours. A lot of great people in the local community, when they get to a special time like retirng, get marked and get a small honour.


e.g. a man I know who used to do a lot of clubs for young boys got n OBE when he turned 65.


One of the most famous examples of controversy is the first time pop stars got awards. When the BEatles got their OBEs a lot of pompous people who had got an OBE in the past sent their awards back saying it wasnt worth anything any more!!

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