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1.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 02 May 2010 Sun 07:31 pm

The  15 Most Influential People  in the World according to TIME Magazine (201:


1-Luiz Inacio Lula da SİLVA ( Brazil  )
2-J.T.WANG ( Taiwan )
3-Admiral Mike MULLEN ( USA )
4-Barack OBAMA ( USA )
5-Ron BLOOM ( USA )
6-Yukio HATOYAMA ( Japan )
7-Dominique Strauss – KAHN ( French )
8-Nancy PELOSİ ( USA )
9-Sarah PELIN ( USA )
10-Jon KYL ( USA )
11-Salam FAYYAD ( Palestine )
12-Tidjane THIAM (  French )
13- Anise PARKER ( USA )
14- Gleen BECK / USA )
15-Jenny Beth MARTIN ( French )

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2.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 02 May 2010 Sun 08:40 pm

Sarah Palin... Really?! Time messed up there Somebody who was chosen to run for vice president, for ALL the wrong reasons shouldn´t be in there. I highly doubt her intelligence, and she doesn´t fit in with the others on the list. I´m still wondering what her big influence was...

3.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 02 May 2010 Sun 10:42 pm

it is a political magazine and it wants to rule the world and public opinion...

Edited (5/3/2010) by yilgun-2010

4.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 03 May 2010 Mon 11:29 am

I doubt The Times rules the world or public opinion for all it matters. Not everybody reads it and those who do not necessarilly share its point of view That´s the thing with world press - everybody is able to find a source of information they like, they don´t have to rely on one only

5.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 03 May 2010 Mon 02:54 pm

Daydreamer is right...I agree...


Edited (5/3/2010) by yilgun-2010

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