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another tragic event
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1.       deli
5904 posts
 22 Jun 2010 Tue 04:00 pm

My heart goes out to the famlies of the soldiers that lost their lifes today in Istanbul

2.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 22 Jun 2010 Tue 04:07 pm


We are sliding into the war again.. It got to be stopped now....


3.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 22 Jun 2010 Tue 04:47 pm

Here is a link to an article about the bombing:



4.       si++
3785 posts
 22 Jun 2010 Tue 05:18 pm

17 year old daughter of an officer and 3 sergeants are dead. Edit: one more officer is dead. Now it´s 5 people killed by this terrorist attack.


The blast wounded nearly a dozen people and two were in a serious condition, Istanbul´s Provincial Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said.

"This is a terrorist attack, and the aim of the attack is clear -- to create divisions, tensions and despair," Mutlu told reporters. Mutlu said two of the wounded were in critical condition following the early morning attack.


Quoted from: here

Edited (6/22/2010) by si++

5.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 22 Jun 2010 Tue 07:50 pm

That´s tragic I´m sorry for the people who lost their friends and family members and those who lost peace of mind

6.       alameda
3499 posts
 23 Jun 2010 Wed 06:55 am



May their souls rest in peace

7.       si++
3785 posts
 23 Jun 2010 Wed 09:27 am

Buse was only 17 years old. She was in the same bus with his father and  was going to school during the attack of terrorists.

8.       si++
3785 posts
 23 Jun 2010 Wed 09:35 am

Kardelen soldu


Another victim of this terrorist attack, sergeant Mehmet Çağlar Bölük was the husband of Elif İmenç Bölük who had played in the advertisment movies for a campaign launched for convincing the Kurdish families in the east of Turky who do not send their girls to school.


Quoted from: here

9.       si++
3785 posts
 24 Jun 2010 Thu 08:55 am


Quoting si++

Buse was only 17 years old. She was in the same bus with his father and  was going to school during the attack of terrorists.


Little Sude farewells her elder sister like a soldier.


10.       si++
3785 posts
 25 Jun 2010 Fri 11:49 am

  3 of 19 suspects of Halkalı bombing have been jailed. Among them is M. Kazım Seven who is believed to prepare the bomb by putting nails in the conic apparatus he prepeared and by adding explosives provided by his assistant Seyithan Özer in it, thereby making it more effective. One of the nails had hit Buse in her heart causing her death.

Seven is called "hoca" (a religious figure) by others. He practiced his prayer regularly when he was in custody, it was reported.


Quoted from: here

(114 Messages in 12 pages - View all)
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