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30.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 10 Oct 2010 Sun 01:24 pm

I´m not condemning their industrial revolution, au contraire, I hope it´ll bring improvement of the living conditions of the Chinese.

True I´m not too happy seeing 90% of the things I possess are made in China, as it means less jobs in Europe (but, on the other hand, it means I get them cheaper).

I just wonder if, since they´re starting off having advanced technology and years of European experience at hand, it´s possible to kill two birds with one stone: develop industry and harm the environment as little as possible

31.       oeince
582 posts
 10 Oct 2010 Sun 01:42 pm

Quote: busyb 

All this talk about helping to save planet Earth (I do my bit too) but I was curious, does anyone know how much it costs to keep Las Vegas lit up? {#emotions_dlg.think}


Bingo! This is the right question to be asked on that subject.

Energy monitors, carrying bags etc. are just a drop in the ocean comparing to superpowers political decisions. However, i definitely don´t say that these are unnecessery and sisyphean task. Quite the contrary, that is what we must do seriously! All these games are just played to increase the public awareness. Because, Nothing but an aware society is able to stop the goverments mistakes! Indeed, we just do our bit by playing these games, and replace the idea of sustainability to our brains. Just a person who does his bit calls the account if the goverments doesn´t do their bits!

The superpowers, G8+China, steals our sustainable lifes. They steal our sustainable environment, sustainable peace, sustainable health sustainable happiness etc.! According to world comission for environment and development, sustainable development is; "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

If we don´t take action now, we ourselves will be stealing from our own kids!

That is why, we alltogether supposed to say in harmony, Stop anything that doesn´t fit human life! Basicly the economical rotor shall be stopped to turn with unnecessery consumption

I think, there is nothing more serious than those for our and our kids own lifes!

So, Open up your eyes! If we don´t attuned to the environment and peaceful human nature, the world will punish us very soon unbelievably hard!

Don´t let the world to turn an empire of scary!

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Edited (10/11/2010) by oeince

32.       busyb
117 posts
 14 Oct 2010 Thu 01:24 pm


Quoting TheAenigma



I recently got one of those Electricity Monitors - its fantastic! It tells you how much energy you are using at any one time, how much each day/month etc.  When I first got it I became obsessed!  Even when I thought everything was switched off it was still using quite a lot...eventually found that my PC in the spare room was switched off but still plugged into the socket.  When I unplugged it the electricity level dropped a LOT!  Scary stuff! Also things like switching on the kettle to boil water are horrifying!


Have got a bit less obsessed now, but notice that my electricity bills have dropped by one third






Ohhh I´ve always wanted one of these. just to see how much things cost in the house etc so I can tell others and have my own bills dropped but I´ve only seen it recently on TV being advertised under EDF energy so I thought you had to be with them, now I know you don´t have to!


33.       alameda
3499 posts
 15 Oct 2010 Fri 12:22 am

I don´t do a fraction enough, I do try to do more and become more aware of how to reduce my footprint. In that search, I have found some companies that are doing some amazing things....like Solar Ivy...

 Solar Ivy is a solar energy delivery device that draws inspiration from ivy growing on a building. I read they were also working on integrating tiny wind turbines with the solar cells, but it´s not ready yet.

There are some nice things being developed in Wind Power Technology. I particularly love the work of  Michael Jantzen.

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