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Is nationalism rising in England?
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60.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 16 Nov 2010 Tue 11:24 pm

To add to what thehandsom said...I think politicians are very good at turning religion into divisive issue and the media is all to happy to add fuel to the fake hysteria. 


Also, when politicians belong to a specific party, they must tow the party line, which is usually what their devoted followers want to hear.  I honestly am not familiar with German politics so I can´t comment on Ms. Merkel.  I can comment on politicians in general...most of them are full of s*#t!

61.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 16 Nov 2010 Tue 11:55 pm

Oeince - just like Handsom said - most people do not have a problem with people of other religions, probably because there are many religions in Europe. It´s not quite right to say Europe is Christian and mean it is the same. Within Christianity there are different denominations, not all of them very peaceful towards others. And yet it´s heard from Muslims that Europe is Christian and stands united against Muslims. It´s nonsense. Muslims can get special treatment, like women being seen by female doctors, breaks for their prayers etc

I find it ridiculous that it is not politically correct to say Christmas and replace it with Winter Holiday. After all it is a religious holiday (yeah I know it stems from paganism but has been adopted a long time ago). Somehow I don´t imagine Jews in Israel calling Hanukah winter holiday, or Muslims calling end of Ramadan winter/spring/summer/autumn holiday depending on when it finishes.

The nonsense you´re being fed with about west exploiting Muslim immigrants cannot be taken seriously. They have the same (or even more) rights as citizens, access to all public se3rvices and usually make more money than they would in their home countries. Still, every now and again, there are voices that demand Sharia law in Britain or banning pork sale in France just because Muslims want it. There´s an old saying "Live and let live." If you move to a different country, you cannot expect that people will change their ways into yours. After all, it´s you who made the choice. Europe states clearly - you´re free to practice your religion but let us practice ours and respect our laws. If in your country you can verbally abuse women who are not covered, don´t expect that Europe will let you do that. Also, your words sound as if Muslims were forced to come to Europe. They were not brought on banana ships, it was their deliberate decision

Nationalists are a different story, but they´re not against Muslims only, do you think Catholic Poles are treated nicely in Catholic Ireland by nationalists? No way! When the going gets tough, immigrants are an easy target to blame. Normal people understand economic immigration, idiots will always find a bone to pick with someone.

Besides, it is an undisputed fact that tolerance in Europe towards other religions/cultures is incomparingly bigger than it is in Muslim countries. How come everyone criticises Europe but accepts things as they are in Muslim countries?

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62.       oeince
582 posts
 17 Nov 2010 Wed 01:24 am

OK fine. Its nice to know some Europeans dont agree with my interpretation of Merkel´s words.

63.       armegon
1872 posts
 17 Nov 2010 Wed 03:35 am


Quoting stumpy

But people of other etnic or religious backround who imigrated to a "judeo-christian" country request to have prayer rooms in schools and us judeo-christians cannot have our crissefixes displayed.  Shi´ites can wear their kirpans to school, jews can wear their yamikas and their cross of david but we cannot say our lords prayer without offending non christians.  A veiled woman can request to have a female to give her the drivers exams to have her drivers permit.  They can ask for time off from work to go to prayer but I have to work on sundays when it is my prayer day, if their time for prayer is refused by the employer they cry out discrimination, racism and biggotry.  The same goes if the shi´ite to remove his kirpan to go to school and the same is said.  But us christians have to remove all of our religiouse icons.




I think this is exactly what Merkel tried to imply, she was right on what she said, the European people disturbed by the growing number of minorities, mostly muslims of course, because now this has seen as a great threat to European identity and western values, even can be feeled from the posts here. Minorities in Europe has become more religous, radical or racist than their own country, usually live in closed communities and in my opinion europeans should first answer why this has become like that to themselves. Earlier again Merkel declared multiculturalism collapsed in Europe, brainy ex-socialist newer capitalist woman for sure .  By the way while I was reading the post I quoted, was thinking what the kirpan is Shi´ites wearing, just checked it was not related to Shi´ites but Sikhs of India. {#emotions_dlg.lol}

64.       stumpy
638 posts
 17 Nov 2010 Wed 04:15 am


...was thinking what the kirpan is Shi´ites wearing, just checked it was not related to Shi´ites but Sikhs of India.
Thank you for the correction.  Where I live in Canada we have one of the biggest multicultural diversity so it is easy to get confused having to contende with each ethnic subtilities. 

(64 Messages in 7 pages - View all)
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