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Tuba or Beren
1.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 01 May 2011 Sun 08:25 am


In now days the turkish actors and actress is very famaus in arab world sepicailly Tuba Büküstün after her series Asi and Ihlamurlar altında

But when Aşk ı memmnu translated in to arabic Beren saat becoms famaus than Tuba

Who is the famous in turkey Beren or tuba

2.       Faruk
1607 posts
 05 May 2011 Thu 11:49 am

I do not follow most of the series, but as far as I know, Tuba Büyüküstün is more experienced than Beren Saat. And I think, it is similar being popular. She who acts in TV series last becomes more popular that time. Anyway, I would choose Tuba, she is more experienced.

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3.       scalpel
1472 posts
 05 May 2011 Thu 03:52 pm

I don´t know which one is more famous {#emotions_dlg.unsure}but I know Beren is more beautiful Wink

4.       tunci
7149 posts
 05 May 2011 Thu 06:05 pm


I think " Beren " is more popular than Tuba, nowadays. Currently She is doing a good job in  tv series called " Fatmagül´ün suçu Ne " .  



Edited (5/5/2011) by tunci

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5.       lamborghini
5 posts
 08 Feb 2012 Wed 06:56 am

But according to me "tuba" is best.

6.       scalpel
1472 posts
 08 Feb 2012 Wed 10:39 pm


Quoting lamborghini

But according to me "tuba" is best.


Sorry lambo you are too late.. that competition was over and Beren was the winner Wink

7.       gokuyum
5050 posts
 15 Mar 2012 Thu 01:03 pm

Platon or Aristotales? I say Platon.

8.       scalpel
1472 posts
 15 Mar 2012 Thu 02:20 pm

Beren and Tuba OUT..

Meryem Üzeyirli IN

Now my vote goes to her (aka Hürrem Sultan)


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