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Some Terms in Turkish Grammar
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80.       tunci
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 07 Nov 2011 Mon 11:12 am


Quoting Mavili


Can you also use "burada" when saying the same things such as "fişiniz burada" ? Or does that change the meaning somehow? I just mean that my first thought would be to use burada or buraya when trying to say "here". {#emotions_dlg.angel}



 Evet, you can say " fişiniz burada " , but I would prefer " buyrun fişiniz " as this way is more polite.

other cases ;

- when you show your new car to your friend you would say " here my new car " in english whereas in Turkish you would say " işte yeni arabam " .

- when you offer [serve] a cup of coffee to someone you would say " here your coffee " in english whereas in Turkish you would say " Buyrun kahveniz ".


burada =  here, in here [lit : bura +da [in] ---> in here]

Burada kaç kişi var ? --> How many people [there are] in here ?

buraya = to here

Buraya gel. [ come here]  Bura + y [buffer] + a [to] [lit: to here]

Buradan = Bura + dan [from] ---> From here

Otobüse buradan bineceksin ---> You will get the bus from here.

Buranın = of here [possesive]

Buranın yemekleri çok güzel ---> The food of this place is very nice.

                                            [The food in this place [restaurant] is very nice]

Buradaki = the thing that is here

Bura +da + ki [that]

Buradaki arabalar yeni ---> The cars that are here are new.

- imagine you are in a turkish minibus [dolmuş] and you want to get off and you can say to driver ;

Burada inmek istiyorum ---> I want to get off here.

- you want your friend come to where you are and you want to say ; I want you to come here ---> Buraya gelmeni istiyorum.

- you want to ask someone if what he is doing there --> what are you doing here ? ---> Burada ne yapıyorsun.

Burası ---> This form is generally used with adjectives [to describe the place]

Burası çok karanlık ---> Here [this place] is very dark.

Burası çok pahalı ---> Here [this place is very expensive.

Buradayken ---> Bura + da + iken = while [I ,you,he,she,it,we,they] here







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81.       tunci
7149 posts
 22 Jul 2012 Sun 01:44 pm


Bu, Şu, O


These can be both  ´demonstrative pronoun´ and ´demonstrative adjective" when they are in nominative form.


O , bu yörenin en meşhur yemeğidir. --> ´is  Demonstrative pronoun here.

That is the most famous dish of this region.

Bu araba senin mi ? ---> "Bu" is Demonstrative adjective here. 

Is this car is yours ?



- with case suffixes ;

bunu, buna, bunda,bundan,bunun

şunu,şuna,şunda, şundan,şunun


-plural forms with case suffixes ;



"they take pronominal "n" "


* Sometimes they take -cA suffix ;

bu + n +ca -----> bunca ---> this much , so much

şu + n + ca -----> şunca ---> this much; that much; this many; that many:

o + n + ca ------> onca ---> so many (people, things); so much (of something)


Examples ;


Neden kendine bunca zahmet veriyorsun==> Why do you give yourself this much trouble ?


Şunca kişisiniz, gene de bu işi bitiremediniz ===> Though there´s this many of you, you still haven´t been able to get this job done


Onca yıl  neden bekledin ===> Why did you wait for so many years ?



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Edited (7/22/2012) by tunci
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82.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 Dec 2013 Sun 06:53 pm

The word "grammar" in Turkish dialects


  Turkia Turkish ---->  dil bilgisi ~ gramer

   Azerbaijani  ----->grammatika 

   Gagavuz Turkish ---> dil bilgisi  

    Uzbek Turkish ---> til bilimi, grammatika

    Uighur  language ---> grammatika

    Tatar language [Tatar Turkish] ---> tel beleme, tel gıyleme

     Nogay Turkish ----> grammatika, til ilmisi

     Kazakh Turkish ---> til bilimi

      Tuvan Turkish --->  tıl ertemi

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83.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 Dec 2013 Sun 07:10 pm


Alternative term for "hece yitimi " [ hece düşmesi ] is ----> Haplology


Swallowing of a sound, swallowing of a syllable.

Pek + iyi ---> Peki 

Kayın + ana ---> Kaynana

Kahv + altı --> Kahvaltı

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