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The Most Beautiful Turkish Word
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1.       Abla
3647 posts
 31 Oct 2011 Mon 03:17 pm

For sure every learner has certain words that they liked from the first sight. It was something about the way they sound, the way they are pronounced, something that they resembled... Natives have their favourites, too, by maybe they are chosen for different reasons. In my country, language authorities ask the public their opinion about the most beatiful Finnish word every year, and the results are very dull. A German loan word äiti ´mother´ which sounds anything but beautiful wins every year.

My favourite Turkish word is a loanword also. There is an original Turkish word for this purpose also but it is not half as classy and sophisticated as its Persian synonyme. There is a round vowel in the middle of this noun which effects the consonants around it and makes them full also. And the meaning, yes, it is in harmony with its beauty.

If I told my word, would someone else bring up more beautiful Turkish words?

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2.       Nanou
36 posts
 31 Oct 2011 Mon 05:05 pm

interesting...well for me, i didn´t really learn turkish, just by myself 1 or 2 years ago, but what came in my mind reading your post was the word "yani" it seems it comes in all sentences, and because my native language is arabic, "egyptian", so we have it and we use it a lot, and when i say a lot it´s as all the time!! we´re used to it, to the point that when an egyptian is speaking another language he always apply the "yani" so in turkish i´ll never be applying a word from a different language =D

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3.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 31 Oct 2011 Mon 06:55 pm

for me is...şey...dont ask me why..but I like to say..şey..

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4.       Abla
3647 posts
 01 Nov 2011 Tue 09:56 am


5.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 Nov 2011 Tue 04:24 pm


Quoting Abla



 I like word "Dost" even though it is a loanword. [ From Farisi language; Far. dûst ]

Close friend whom you trust and love.


6.       si++
3785 posts
 02 Nov 2011 Wed 01:11 pm

I like front wovel combos.


How about "inci"? A chinese loan attested in Turkish at least 15 centruries ago.


I also like "bilgi", "bilge", "gönül" and "erdem" for their deep meanings.


Then there are such powerful words like "var" and "yok" of course with their beauties.

7.       Donkeyoaty
105 posts
 02 Nov 2011 Wed 05:07 pm

I like "unutmak" to forget as I remember it through the English "You nut you forgot"

Masrapa (sorry cant get dots to work, should be accent on the s). It means a mug. Sounds funny to the English ear.

Saksi = Flowerpot (sexy !)

Etkileyici = Impressive (as the 5 sylables sound impressive.)

Ruya = A dream. No real reason, just a nice word.

Arkadas = Friend. Nice word, but I like the construction Arka = behind Das = Fellow. Meaning someone who looks after your back.

I also like words in English that sound like what they are describing eg. the "gurgle" of water in a stream. Onomatopoia they call it in English.

So the challenge goes out to think of Turkish words that sound like what they are describing !


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8.       si++
3785 posts
 03 Nov 2011 Thu 10:07 am


Quoting Donkeyoaty

I also like words in English that sound like what they are describing eg. the "gurgle" of water in a stream. Onomatopoia they call it in English.


There was a guy teaching how to memorise English words to Turks with some memory hooks.

For example dungeon:

He says imagine two prisoners in a dungeon who are separated but manage to communicate by hitting metal pipes with a metal and make sounds like "dan" "çın" "dan" "çın". So he suggests using the sound "dan-çın-dan-çın" to recall that zindan = dungeon (dancın).

And as such...

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9.       ms.yousra
47 posts
 06 Nov 2011 Sun 02:35 am

merhaba every one, Abla I really like the idea of thinking about your favorite  word I just started to learn Turkish so I dont know lots of words yet but till now my favorite and first word is çok it means alot this was my first word and I really keep using it all the time çok güzel, çok basit, çok zor çok çok çok {#emotions_dlg.love} 

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10.       Abla
3647 posts
 06 Nov 2011 Sun 10:18 am

This is only amusement, of course, but I also think that if you want to learn something you should have or you should imagine for yourself an emotional bond with it. When it comes to language, words are easier to love than ablative endings, aren’t they?

ms. yousra, it’s not only you who uses çok a lot. It is a word with many meanings, it translates into English at least with ´very´, ´many´, ´often´, ´too´ (like in ‘The jacket is too big for the child&rsquo and I guess this is not all.

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