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1.       tunci
7149 posts
 12 Aug 2012 Sun 12:29 am


In Turkish just like in other languages, words can be used in different meaning other than its original meaning. It is called figurative meaning. In European Languages it is called "Metaphor" 

açmak - to open

Bir daha bu konuyu açmayacağım.

Literal meaning --> I will not open this subject anymore.

Figurative meaning ----> I will not bring [start] this subject anymore.


terletmek = to make someone sweat

Bu sorun Selimi çok terletecek.

Literal meaning --> This problem will make Selim sweat alot.

Figurative meaning ----> This problem will cause Selim much work.

                                  This problem will give Selim hard time.[hardship]



Bu işçinin biraz daha pişmesi gerekiyor.

Literal meaning --> This labor needs to be cooked [baked].

Figurative meaning ----> This labor needs to become  a bit more mature. [experienced]


we can also see figurative in slang words.


O gÜnü hatırladıkça kafayı yiyorum.

Literal meaning --> I eat my head as  I remember that day.

Figurative meaning ---->  I go mad as  I remember that day.



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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 12 Aug 2012 Sun 01:52 am


Personifacition [Kişileştirme]

Human characteristics [feelings,actions]  are given to non-human beings [things].Personifications is generally seen in literature and poetic expressions.


Bırak  yıldızlar ağlasın bizim için. 

Let the stars cry for us.


* ´crying´ is one of human characteristic that is given to stars.


Rüzgar öpsün yanaklarından.

Let the wind kiss on your cheeks.


Bir bulut gezer yayla yayla Anadolu´yu
Bir baştan başa selam götürür."


A cloud wander through Anatolian plateus.

that passes greetings throughout [Anatolia]


* Passing "greetings" is an action that only human would do, but here the action is given to non-human which is bulut.



"Çocukluğum oynar serin avluda."

My childhood  plays in a cool courtyard.


* Playing which is a human character is given to  non-human [my childhood].



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