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Future tense question please
1.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 30 Aug 2012 Thu 11:26 pm

ecek this the suffixes of future tense

But what is the meaning of( yaşadıkça) (Ça) what ıs thıs suffix rule please can any one explain

this to me please


2.       Henry
2604 posts
 31 Aug 2012 Fri 01:45 am


Quoting nifrtity

ecek this the suffixes of future tense

But what is the meaning of( yaşadıkça) (Ça) what ıs thıs suffix rule please can any one explain

this to me please



ecek/acak are the suffixes used for future tense.

Nifrtity, in the top right corner of this web-page is a search box you can use to find useful posts on most grammar questions. When you type in dikçe you can see links to posts like the one below.

Quote:Melek 74

This is how I understand it.



When the -dikçe suffix is attached to a verb stem it indicates a certain continutity or repetitiveness to that verb. In English, that can be expressed by many words such as, for example: as, each time, every time, whenever, the more, as long as, so long as, etc.


Here´s some examples to maybe clarify it a bit:



Arkadaşını gördükçe yüzü güler.

Whenever you see your friend, he´s happy.

Onu gördükçe ağlar.

Whenever he sees it, he weeps.

Çocuk, büyüdükçe güzelleşiyor.

As the child is growing, s/he is getting more beautiful/handsome.

Yaşlandıkça hayatı daha bir ciddiye aliyor.

As he gets older, he takes like more seriously.

Gönül taze kaldıkça insan ihtiyarlamaz.

A person doesn´t grow old as long as his/her heart stays young.


So this can be translated in many ways, not only as "the more" - the idea is that something happens continuously or is repetitious.


I think It would be a great suffix to use in marital spats lol (The more I look at you, the more I wish I married your brother!, Whenever I tell you to do something, you pretend not to listen! You get the idea  


Now, when you use -dikçe on a negative verb stem, it expresses the idea of "unless", for example:


Özür dilmedikçe bizi affetmeyecekmiş.

They say he will not forgive us unless we apologize.

Bir işi sevmedikçe başarılı olamazsin.

Unless you love your work, you cannot be successful.



and here is another link Smile

Edited (8/31/2012) by Henry

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3.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 31 Aug 2012 Fri 06:34 am


Quoting Henry



and here is another link Smile

Thanks so much


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