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10.       gokuyum
5050 posts
 20 Feb 2013 Wed 04:08 am


Quoting elenagabriela

I think watching turkish movies even with subtitles is a bit hard; you have to listen the voices and at the same time to read and translate in your native...you need a very acute sense of hearing...I suggest you try to buy of borrow some turkish books - short stories, novels, magazines and read them...it is more easy and at the same time you can notice the phrase construction; after you have read 50-100 pages you can try to express your words in turkish..and of course, keep watching tv turkish series with your native subtitles and be very carefull at voices..the inflexion of voices, the stress..etc...and believe me..it works

good luck

Dont just watch them, feel them with your soul.{#emotions_dlg.lol}


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11.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 20 Feb 2013 Wed 10:44 am


Quoting gokuyum


Dont just watch them, feel them with your soul.{#emotions_dlg.lol}



..and use your mind and the dictionary..

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12.       mom4maddi
64 posts
 24 Feb 2013 Sun 06:06 pm

I think watching turkish movies even with subtitles is a bit hard:

Add quoted text here

 I agree, though I still try

something else I tried which may be slower, but perhaps a little easier. I searched for Turkish music. My native language is English, so I then searched for the lyrics in Turkish, then searched for lyrics translation in English. Not a perfect system, but it has helped me to listen and see the words also. I think any resource can be useful, so I thought I would pass this idea along...

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13.       SUBARU51
1 posts
 25 Feb 2013 Mon 12:18 pm

Yes, I did that with Turkish music.  I can now sing along in Turkish but I don´t know what I´m singing yet lol.

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14.       haniagree
73 posts
 26 Feb 2013 Tue 12:50 am


Quoting gokuyum


Dont just watch them, feel them with your soul.{#emotions_dlg.lol}



i agree. don´t try to understand too hard. just listen what they say and see what they are doing, instead of trying to read the subs and translate everything.

kind of like the rosetta stone concept, learn like a baby. a baby doesnt use a dictionary

most importantly learning a language takes time especially if you do it by yourself in your own country....

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15.       ShiraDest
3 posts
 11 Mar 2015 Wed 11:07 am

I start with Harry Potter -Felsefe Taşı

1.  Read the first 1/2 page in Turkish

2.  watch the first minute or two (first line of dialogue) of the film WITH Captions/Subtitles

3. Compare the words (in fact, the first line in the film is not until Page 2 or 3 in the book)

4. continue thusly...


It is a bit tedious, yes, and for the Turkish, you will need -meli and -di/ti (past tense) but you will learn much faster  (yes, I used this technique to learn both Spanish and French before Turkish, so for me and other visual learners, at least, it works well...)




ps  -as somone else said, infants learn by instinct and lip reading, so sing along, and look for the context -try using an image search for new words rather than text-text.  That gets the new vocabulary into your mind visually instead of just with the text, so it ´sticks´ faster.)

March, 12015 HE  (Holocene Era)

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