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Belgrade, Serbia (Belgrad, Sırbistan)
1.       MilosBL990
2 posts
 03 Mar 2013 Sun 05:30 pm


In this topic, I want to represent to you the capital city of Serbia - Belgrade, the biggest city of Serbia and the 4th biggest city of the south-eastern Europe (after Istanbul,Bucharest and Athens).

Of course, if there is anybody else on this forum from Belgrade, or someone who has traveled to Belgrade, please post here.Post anything that has to do with this beautiful city.

I´ll give you few facts about the city in this post.

- Name Belgrade (Serbian - Beograd (latin), Београд (cyrilic) ) is of Slavic origin - Beligrad, which means "The white city".When it was founded, it had Roman name - Singidunum.
- City was founded bz Celts in 3th century BC.The oldest settlement on the teritory of modern Belgrade is Vinca (Serbian - Vinča), founded around 4500th year BC.All of this makes Belgrade on of the oldest European city.
- As I said, Belgrade is Serbian biggest city and its capital.With surface of 359,96 km², it is divided to 17 municipalities, with about 1.7 million inhabitants living in them.
- Belgrade lies on confluence of two big European rivers: Sava and Danube (the 2nd longest European river).It also lies under mountain Avala, ex-active volcano.
- Belgrade was, through history, part of many great empires: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Austro-hungarian...because it lies on way from west of Europe to Middle east.
- Its location has huge strategical and economic significance, which was the reason of many wars on teritory of Belgrade.
- Belgrade was destroyed and re-builded from ashes 38 times in its history!
(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgrade)

This was enough for this post.If someone has something to write about this magical city, please do it. Smile


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2.       nemanjasrb
507 posts
 03 Mar 2013 Sun 07:36 pm

Hram Svetog Save

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