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1.       Yarvik364
162 posts
 11 Mar 2013 Mon 04:47 pm


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2.       salblack
2 posts
 11 Mar 2013 Mon 05:12 pm

Not really - memleket is generally used to mean ´home town´ or ´home land´, and could refer to a country, region or even village.


Ulke is country or land.

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3.       tunci
7149 posts
 11 Mar 2013 Mon 05:19 pm



Memleket is an Arabic origin word which comes from the root "mülk" ملك [possession,property], it means " the thing that is possessed", kingdom . However, at present day , that word means " home country , home town , father´s country , the place you come from " .


Ülke is a Turkish origin word which means again "country".



The difference is seen in practice, for instance ;


* "memleket"  is used when to ask someone where he/she does come from ? 


- Memleket[in] nere ? ---> Where do you come from ? 

we can not use "ülke" in this context. 


Memleket is more informal  than ülke. Therefore ;


* When we give the official statistics , we prefer "ülke" ;


Ülkemizde meydana gelen trafik kazaları çoğunlukla sürücü hatalarından kaynaklanmaktadır. 

The traffıc accidents that happens in our country is usually caused by drivers fault. 



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4.       Yarvik364
162 posts
 11 Mar 2013 Mon 05:44 pm


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5.       tunci
7149 posts
 11 Mar 2013 Mon 05:57 pm


Quoting Yarvik364




This must also be related to مملوك, mustn´t it? [the one who is being owned, i.e.: a slave] Or would you rather write مملوک in Ottoman Turkish? 

Bu sözü Osmanlı Türkçesinde nasıl yazılır?


Yes, Memluk means slave, servant.  mamlūk مملوك -->

 It is passive participle of  the verb 


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