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The prominence of women in social life was much bigger in Anatolia
1.       thehandsom
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 30 Apr 2013 Tue 07:04 pm


SSÖ: The prominence of women in social life was much bigger in Anatolia than most of the rest of the world. It is true that Islamic culture took this down a little bit, but women’s prominence in these lands’ genetic codes goes back 5,000 years.


BY: The woman from whom I got my name ruled over men in Central Asia. But we are not talking about these times; we are talking about the situation of women in the 1910s.


SSÖ: Turkmen clans are clans that were under the administration of women no matter how sedentary they became. Women were active enough before Atatürk “civilized” them. The question to be asked today is this: The rights that were given to women are being lost by the Justice and Development Party government’s initiatives on lifestyles. This society is fast becoming more conservative. 


Take the transformation effect of the Kurdish liberation movement upon Kurdish women, think of its permanency and then think about the miserable state of you, the Turkish women. Kurdish women came to this point by struggling against their men; Turkish women got up one day and found out that Atatürk had done them some favors.


BY: So had it not been for Atatürk, do you think Turkey would have evolved to these days anyway?


SSÖ: You can’t do such a reading of history. But do you have an idea how many Kurdish female guerillas died? 12,000. In a region where women equal honor, 12,000 women have stood up against their father, brother and uncle and gone to join the guerillas. There are 4,000 convicted Kurdish female politicians in prisons. Take this and compare it with what Atatürk has done. How many of you have risen up and fought for your rights? [“When I say you, I don’t mean you,” he adds!] 




I think in coming years, we will see more and more views critical of Ataturk and Ataturk´s reforms..

SSÖ is one of the most colourful person of this  parliment..

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