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Ablative and Dative Case
1.       Faruk
1607 posts
 06 Jun 2013 Thu 11:21 pm

Ablative Case - İsmin -den Hali (Ayrılma Hali)

There are many situations to use. Here they are:

1- It shows you a place or a direction. Could be a place or a person. It´s in the element of the sentence that is found when you ask "nereden, kimden, neden" (from where, from whom, from what) questions to the verb.

Evden geliyorum. - I´m coming from home.

Bu kalemi Ali´den aldım. - I took this pen from Ali

2- It makes verbs.

Bu sevgi gönüldendir. - This love is from the heart.

3- It states a condition.

Yağmur hafiften yağıyor. - It´s lightly raining.

Ben onu yakından tanırım. - I know him closely

4- It shows supreiority or comparison.

Baldan tatlı - Sweeter than honey

Sibirya´dan soğuk yer yok - There´s no other place colder than Sybreria

5- It states that a part is out from the whole.

Pastadan bir dilim yedim - I ate a slice of the cake

Cevabı sözlerimden anla - Get the answer from my words

6- It connects nouns to prepositions and make preposition objects. (I´m afraid there´s no word to show it in this situation)

Sabahtan beri seni bekliyoruz - We´ve been waiting you since the morning

Yemekten sonra çay içer misin? - Do you drink tea after the dinner

7- It shows a reason.

Sıcaktan bunaldım. - I got exhausted from heat. (because of heat)

8- It is used as the possessive suffix of -in suffix in noun phrases.

Öğrencilerden biri güzel bir soru sordu - One of the students asked a good question.

Bunlardan hangisini beğendin? - Which one of those you liked?

9- It´s become a suffix to make adjectives.

Sana içten bir selam söyledi - He sent his deepest regards (iç - inner, deep; içten - sincere, deepest)

Sıradan insanlar gibi olmayın - Don´t be like ordinary people (sıra - line, row; sıradan - ordinary, common)

10- It makes doublings

Ülkemiz günden güne gelişiyor - Our country is improving day by day 

Dünden bugüne çok şey değişti - A lot of things changed from yesterday till today.

11- It states the material that entities are made of.

Tahtadan kılıçlarla oynuyorlardı - They were playing with wooden swords

Annesi yünden bir hırka giyiyor - Her mother is wearing a woolen cardigan

12- It´s added to time words to give time meaning.

Geceden yola çıktılar - They departed at night time.

Bu işi dünden bitirmeliydik - We should have finished this work yesterday

Dative Case -  İsmin -e Hali (Yönelme Hali)

It also has many situations to use. Here they are:

1- When it is used, the word receives the condition of "to" (going towards, inclining). It´s in the element of the sentence that is found when you ask "nereye, kime, neye" (to where, to whom, to what) questions to the verb.

Sinemaya gidelim - Let´s go to cinema

Geçen hafta Murat´a gittim - Last week I went to Murat (Murat´s place)

2- It gives the meaning of price.

Bu kitabı 10 liraya aldım. - I bought this book for 10 lira

3- It states time and makes adverb phrases.

Bu ödev akşama biter - This homework finishes at the evening

Haftaya size geleceğiz - Next week we will come to you

4- It connects nouns to prepositions. (No words to define this condition)

Yaşına göre ağır bir iş yapıyor - He is doing a hard work for his age 

Sabaha kadar kar yağdı - It snowed until the morning

5- It makes idioms.

Yoluna koymak - To get back on the rails (literally: to put back on rails)

Başa gelen çekilir - What can´t be cured must be endured (literally: what comes to head is endured)

6- It forms a reason, a possessive link.

Bunları size aldık - We got these for you

Kardeşini görmeye gitti - He went to see his brother

7- It forms doublings and states a condition.

Koştuktan sonra nefes nefese kaldı - She got out of breath after running.

8- When used with -en, -an suffix, it makes doublings of exaggeration.

Senin durumun hakkında soran sorana - Many are asking about your situation.

9- It comes to word groups that are conjugated but lost their verb features.

Geçmiş olsuna gittik - We went to (say) get well soon

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2.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 06 Jun 2013 Thu 11:23 pm

ablative case always make me remember abla

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3.       Abla
3647 posts
 07 Jun 2013 Fri 12:42 am

Ablative is my favourite case. Multifunctional but not a spineless amoeba though.


Thanks, Faruk, many new things for me at least.

4.       kashf-ul-eman
180 posts
 07 Jun 2013 Fri 11:52 am

Thank you faruk. it is a very usefull sharing specially for me because because i was in the doldurm condition to understand these exact meanings. you made it understandble. Thumbs up!

Edited (6/7/2013) by kashf-ul-eman [my own reason :)]

5.       Abla
3647 posts
 07 Jun 2013 Fri 05:18 pm

The numerous different uses of ablative and dative actually bring forth the dynamic nature of the Turkish sentence. Instead of reporting a static situation they define a change on a concrete level or on the level of ideas.


Not all the uses mentioned on the list are as productive. For instance yesterday´s lesson was that you can use the noun phrase


                    içten bir selam


but you cannot use


                    **Roma´dan bir tren


without adding a participle (gelen, giden, kalkan, ayrılan) to adjectivize it.

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