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Object -case ending- Verb
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 29 Sep 2013 Sun 10:52 pm


Object -case ending- Verb


We hear with some actions people use more than one different noun case marking with the object which most of the time causes confusion for learners. Such as ;


Konuşmak - To talk, to speak


Onu  konuştuk -->  We  talked  about [the] him.

Accusative ending  " O + n +u


Onunla  konuştuk  ---> We  talked  with  him.  [ We talked with him face to face ]

" suffix -la " with


Ona  konuş[un]  !  ----> Go and talk to him. [ Here , the person is bit in angry mood, saying  Go and tell him,  Go and talk to him, Go and tell this to him, not me !

Dative marking - e [a]

O + n + a


Ondan  konuştuk. ---> We talked about  him.

Ablative marking. -dan



inmek   --> to go down, to descend


Merdivenleri  inmek  ---> To go down the stairs.


Merdivenlerden  inmek  ----> To go down [from ] the stairs.


They both are same action. When we ask the question " From where did you go down  [ Nereden indin ? considering that there is also a lift in the building] then the answer has to be " Merdivenlerden indim " [ I got down from the stairs [by using the stairs ].


If the question was "Where are you now ? "  then the answer can be " Hastanedeyim ,merdivenleri  iniyorum "  [ I am at the hospital and going down the stairs ".



* And also people that have different dialects might use different case markings with the object. That´s because the understanding of how people see the action in their mind.

Such as ;

Atı  bin  --> Get on the horse --> This might sound weird according to standart Turkish, however, it sounds quite natural for people who live in a certain region with certain dialect.


Ata  bin  --> Get onto the horse --> This is standart Turkish.




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2.       Abla
3647 posts
 30 Sep 2013 Mon 02:41 pm

In other words, a transitive verb can occasionally act as an intransitive verb and vice versa.


No, they are not confusing, one just needs to know this.

3.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 30 Sep 2013 Mon 06:30 pm

but what is the difference between

onu konuştuk


ondan konuştuk




Edited (9/30/2013) by elenagabriela

4.       tunci
7149 posts
 30 Sep 2013 Mon 10:09 pm


Quoting elenagabriela

but what is the difference between

onu konuştuk


ondan konuştuk





To me they both are  same. I mean, both sentences are saying the same thing which is  " We talked about  him/her  " .

If someone says to me " Bir saat boyunca Atatürk´ten konuştuk. "  or  " Bir saat boyunca Atatürk´ü konuştuk. "

What I understand from both sentences would be the same thing --->  " We  talked about Atatürk for 1 hour. "





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