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1.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 22 Oct 2013 Tue 08:26 am

SAYIŞTAY is the government body (a high court) that checks the government´s expenditures in a given budget year and verifies that all are in order, at the end of that budget year and on behalf of the National Assembly.

Until a budget is awarded a clean bill of health for expenditures within a given year, the proceedings for the next year´s budget can not be started within the National Assembly. THIS IS A CONSTITUTIONAL LAW IN TURKEY.

SAYIŞTAY auditors had met some friction from the government, last year.


All citizens should watch that this law is strictly adhered to, and a constitutional crime is not committed in ignorance or malice, not this time. {#emotions_dlg.computer}

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2.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 23 Oct 2013 Wed 08:36 am

Aziz Nesin´in teorisi doğru ise bizim vatandaşlarımızın %90´ı bu konunun kendisini hiç alakadar etmediğini düşünecektir.

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