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1.       Abla
3642 posts
 15 Nov 2013 Fri 12:47 pm

treat someone well/bad/right/like dirt/with justice/equally...

2.       huko
24 posts
 15 Nov 2013 Fri 02:55 pm



well iyi davranmak

bad kötü davranmak


right doğru davranmak

like dirt: bir hiç (means like a zero) gibi muhamale göstermek – check this one again, maybe someone can find a better translation


justice: adaletli davranmak

equally:  eşit (eşit ölçüde) davranmak


ex: Osman´a iyi davran! Treat Osman well!

3.       Abla
3642 posts
 15 Nov 2013 Fri 03:17 pm

davranmak seems to have a wider meaning than the English behave.


I often see it used with karşı also. Could it be approximately


                   birine karşı kaba davranmak ´behave rude towards someone´

                   birine kaba davranmak ´treat someone in a rude way´     ?


I wonder if Turks even see a difference here.


Anyway, thanks huko.

4.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 15 Nov 2013 Fri 03:24 pm

silaha davranmak = to draw a weapon

cebine davranmak = to volunteer to pay

şüpheli davranmak = to act suspicious

Edited (11/15/2013) by AlphaF

5.       huko
24 posts
 15 Nov 2013 Fri 03:29 pm

you´re right and there is no difference in this case between birine and birine karşı


another example:


birine karşı mahçup olmak (to be ashamed)

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