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Adding Endings to Foreign Words
1.       Abla
3647 posts
 19 Nov 2013 Tue 04:28 pm

Skype´ye mi yoksa Skype´a mı?

Mary´e mi yoksa Mary´ye mi?

Versailles´e mi yoksa Versailles´ye mi?


2.       Abla
3647 posts
 19 Nov 2013 Tue 04:53 pm

Skype´de mi yoksa Skype´ta mı?

Versailles´te mi yoksa Versailles´da mı?

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3.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 19 Nov 2013 Tue 06:36 pm

I guess you should put the proper suffix acording to how you pronounce it.

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4.       aurum
80 posts
 19 Nov 2013 Tue 06:45 pm

I think it is how you pronounce it.

Skype = skayp --> Skype´tayım, d becomes t if the previous consonant is f,p,ş,ç,k,h,s,t so you can´t say Skype´dayım. Hope this helps!

5.       burakk
309 posts
 19 Nov 2013 Tue 07:43 pm

theres also a recent movement about calling foreign words, like abbreviation, in turkish. for example prnouncing cia, as cia, not as "see aye ei". for example, does an american say mit to our mit? they say em aye tee. do they say moskua to moscow? they say moscow. so why do we pronounce cia in english and new york in english? why not say nev york? maybe city names are a bit contraversal to this, but for other things it makes sense.

6.       tomac
975 posts
 19 Nov 2013 Tue 10:20 pm

In Polish we sometimes do similar thing - but not always.


For example, most people that I know pronounce SVN (SubVersioN - one of version control systems used mostly in software development, but not only there) acronym sometimes like "es-fau-en" (where "fau" is how we call "V" letter in Polish), and sometimes like in English: "es-vi-en". Another example related to computers: I often hear "FTP" (File Transfer Protocol) pronounced like "ef-te-pe", and I almost never hear it pronounced like "ef-ti-pi". The same with HTTP (most often, "ha-te-te-pe", almost never "eyç-ti-ti-pi")

However, I think that not many people in Poland would pronounce CIA or FBI like in Polish (ts´e-i-a and ef-be-i) - maybe only in case when they are reading one of these acronyms and don´t recognize its meaning at that moment.

So in Polish I think it somehow depends on which acronym we are talking about.

Edited (11/19/2013) by tomac

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