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What is \"i\" Necessary for in Future Tense? :/
1.       Hayal~Perest
6 posts
 04 Jan 2014 Sat 05:23 am

Hello everyone. I´m having some difficulty figuring this out. When would a word such as "gidecekler" turn into "gidecekleri?" Or "bekleyecek" to "bekleyeceği?"  Please include examples with your answer, if possible. Thank you!

2.       Henry
2604 posts
 04 Jan 2014 Sat 12:29 pm


Quoting Hayal~Perest

Hello everyone. I´m having some difficulty figuring this out. When would a word such as "gidecekler" turn into "gidecekleri?" Or "bekleyecek" to "bekleyeceği?"  Please include examples with your answer, if possible. Thank you!


My thoughts ...

There are a few possibilities for this type of word construction.

Sometimes it is used in adverbial clauses 

1) verb + (y)eceği gibi (as, like) 

2) verb + (y)eceği halde (although)

Dügüne gitmeyeceği halde kendine yeni elbise aldi

(Although she won´t be going to the wedding, she´s bought herself a new dress.)

Yarın tatile gidecekleri halde hala müdürden izin almadılar.

(Although they will go on holidays tomorrow, they still haven´t got permission from the boss)

3) verb +(y)eceği için (as, since, because)

Yarın program değişeceği için bugün son fırsatınız.

(As the program is going to change tomorrow, today is your last chance.)

4) verb +(y)eceği kadar (as ... as, as much as, as long as)

5) verb +(y)eceği zaman (when)

Müdürle görüşeceği zaman iyi hazırlanıyordu.

(When he/she was going to have a meeting with the boss, he/she would prepare well)

Sometimes it is used in possessive constructions in noun clauses 

Onun gideceği yer (the place he/she will go to)

Onlarin gidecekleri yer (the place they will go to)

Sometimes it is used in relative clauses which are complex adjectival constructions that modify nouns. The -(y)eceği  suffix describes a future event (in the context of the whole sentence) of the object of the verb.

Ayse’nin evleneceği adamı tanıyor musun?

(Do you know the man whom Ayse will marry?)


If you show us your sentences, then maybe I or others may be able to explain in more detail.


Edited (1/4/2014) by Henry [changed come to go]

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3.       Abla
3647 posts
 04 Jan 2014 Sat 01:11 pm

Henry explained in detail. I will write the shortcut.


ECEK is not only a tense marking. It is also a marking of subordination just like DIK. It makes future participles.


We need to subordinate verbs in order to make structures equivalent to English subclauses.


After being subordinated with ECEK or DIK the word does not take personal endings any more. It takes possessive suffixes.


bekle|y|ecek|leri, bekle|y|eceğ|i = STEM + BUFFER + SUBORDINATION + POSS


It works with every person of course:


bekleyeceğim, bekleyeceğin, bekleyeceği, bekleyeceğimiz, bekleyeceğiniz, bekleyecekleri


The possessive suffix can then be followed by case endings and other stuff attached to nominals. (Don’t forget the pronominal –n- which always comes between 3rd person possessive suffixes and case endings.) Let’s form, say, the ablative:


bekleyeceğimden, bekleyeceğinden, bekleyeceğinden, bekleyeceğimizden, bekleyeceğinizden, bekleyeceklerinden


Unlike DIK which is neutral for tense, the future participle ECEK still has the future meaning.


Not so short after all but anyway…

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4.       Hayal~Perest
6 posts
 05 Jan 2014 Sun 02:30 am

Thank you both very much!

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