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1.       KediNero
418 posts
 23 Feb 2014 Sun 07:55 pm

What is meaning of those suffixes?



some more examples when to use them?


2.       Kaanistanbul
10 posts
 23 Feb 2014 Sun 08:55 pm

gelmişken... while you´re came  gitmişken... while you´re going   yapmışken...  while you´re did    oynamışken...while you´re played


examples:  while you went to home say to hi from me to your family: Evine gitmişken benden selam söyle senin evdekilere.


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3.       tunci
7149 posts
 23 Feb 2014 Sun 10:49 pm


-mIşken [mIş + ken ]


Verb stem + mişken [mışken]

This form denotes the secondary [extra] future actions of  an already planned actions.


1. There is a planned action. ---> Bakkala gidiyorsun. [ You are going to the shop]

2.  Secondary action --->  bana da bir sigara al. [ buy me a cigarette ]

3.  Person is identified from the second part, if we don´t use personal pronoun.



Bakkala gitmişken     bana da bir sigara alıver.

Planned action          secondary action


As you are already going to the shop. Buy me a cigarette.

 [ You already planned to go the shop, while you are in shop, buy me a cigarette]




Ankara´ya gelmişken    okul arkadaşımı da ziyaret edeceğim.

 Planned action             secondary action 

- I came to Ankara,cus it was my plan to come to Ankara]

-  While I am in Ankara, I will also visit my school friend.


- Since I am in Ankara, I will also visit my school friend.

[Since I came to Ankara]



Mutfağa  gitmişken   bana bir bardak su getiriver.

Planned action          secondary action


As you´re going to kitchen , get me a glass of water.

You are going to kitchen anyway so bring me a glass of water from the kitchen.




It also denotes  the present action which creates the chance for perform the other action.


Seni görmüşken  söyleyeyim dedim.


As I got the chance of seeing you now,  I wanted to tell you [this].

Since  I see you [now] I wanted to tell you.



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4.       KediNero
418 posts
 24 Feb 2014 Mon 09:58 pm

ikinize de teşekkür ediyorum.

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