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anladım - anlıyorum
1.       Beautiful Life
15 posts
 17 Mar 2014 Mon 12:07 am

Does anyone know the difference between those words/ meanings? People use even anladım in the simple present. But there´s still any difference between them, isn´t it? 

2.       denizli
961 posts
 17 Mar 2014 Mon 03:03 am

It should be I understood vs. I understand.


Past might be used a little diferently. For example I was asked if I liked Turkey with "sevdiniz mi?" which is past tense. I was a little confused since I was still there.

3.       djoh270687
1 posts
 19 Mar 2014 Wed 03:38 pm

Yes you are correct...

The answer depends on the tense you want to speak...

Anlıyor musun? (Are you understanding?)
(Ben) anlıyorum - I am understanding

Anladın mı? (Did you understand?)
(Ben) anladım - I understood

People tend to speak past tense more. Like Denizli said above they might ask you when eating ´did you like it?´ The common answer would be ´I liked it´ rather than ´I am liking it´ 

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Edited (3/19/2014) by djoh270687

4.       mehmet111
195 posts
 25 Mar 2014 Tue 09:36 pm


anla+dı(simple past)+m--------------->anladım (i understood)

anla+r(simple present)+im------------->anlarım (i understand)

anla+[i]yor(present continuous)+im--->anlıyorum (i understand (direct: i am understanding))

anla+[i]yor(present continuous)+di+m->anlıyordum (i understood (direct: i was understanding))


Türkçe´de tüm fiiller tüm zamanlara göre çekimlenebilir. İngilizce´deki "state verb" olayı bizde yok. (In Turkish, all the verbs can be conjugated according to all the tenses. We haven´t the case "state verb" which is in English.)


İngilizce´de ileri seviyedeyim. Okuduklarımın çoğunu anlıyorum. (I´m at the advanced level in English. I understand most of which I read.) [direct: I am understanding most of which I read.]

A: Ablamın benimle konuşmaması beni çok sinirlendiriyor. (It is irritating me too much that my older sister doesn´t talk to me.)

B: Anlıyorum. (I see.)

Sebeplerini de açıklarsan olayı daha iyi anlarım. (I understand the event better if you also explain its reasons.)

Ne demek istediğini anladım, tekrarlamana gerek yok. (I understood what you meant, you don´t need to repeat.)

Altyazısız daha iyi anlıyordum, altyazı eklenince takip edemez oldum. (I understood better without the subtitle, I started not to be able to follow when the subtitle was added.)





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5.       denizli
961 posts
 28 Mar 2014 Fri 10:35 pm


Quoting mehmet111


anla+r(simple present)+im------------->anlarım (i understand)



I believe anlarım is from a permanent or wide tense. If someone explains something to you and asks if you understand, you wouldn´t say anlarım. Anlarım would be if you wanted to say "I understand math".


Is this correct? (i.e. anlıyor muyum?)

6.       BenanCetinCom
24 posts
 30 Mar 2014 Sun 02:03 am


Quoting denizli



I believe anlarım is from a permanent or wide tense. If someone explains something to you and asks if you understand, you wouldn´t say anlarım. Anlarım would be if you wanted to say "I understand math".


Is this correct? (i.e. anlıyor muyum?)



Anladım = I understood (I got it)

Anlıyorum =  I see

Anlarım = I know it(Exact translation: I understand)  


Example 1: (Anladım)

A: Kahve dükkanı nerede? (Where is Coffee shop?)
B: Sola dön, bankanın yanında (Turn left, next to the bank)
A: Anladım, Teşekkürler (Got it, Thanks)

Example 2: (Anlıyorum)
A: Çok yorgunum, çok çalıştım bugün (I am very tired, I worked very much today)
B: Anlıyorum, yardım istermisin? (I see, do you need help?)

Example 3: (Anlarım)
A: Arabam bozuldu (My car is broken)
B: Üzülme, ben arabalardan anlarım (Don´t worry, I know about cars)

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