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Grammar notes
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230.       tunci
7149 posts
 09 Jan 2016 Sat 04:54 am


-MI┼× G─░B─░


This structure, instead of  conveying  “hearsay”  denotation, it actually  refers a result of an action. It conveys “ probable definite past


- Daha önce golf oynam─▒┼č gibiydi.


It looked like [to me] he played golf  before.


* In the sentence above, I came to a conclusion from “they way he plays golf ” that “he must have played golf before. ”


- Buraya ilk kez gelmi┼č gibiydiler.


It looked like [to me] they came here first time.



From the way they acted /reacted , it looked to me that they didn’t come here before. 

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231.       mira 25
152 posts
 03 May 2016 Tue 04:04 pm


232.       tunci
7149 posts
 25 Jun 2016 Sat 01:32 am


SUFFIX  -mi  as expressing time


Sometimes, the  suffix  -MI [known as question suffix ] can be used to express the time of  an action,  

- Verb is in past tense form but express  the present ,

- Verb stem generally takes 3th person singular,


As in  the examples below,


-Ak┼čam oldu mu  evine gider.


- When  the evening comes, he goes  his home.



-Beni gördü  selam verir.


He say hello whenever  sees me.



- Ö─čretmen s─▒n─▒fa girdi mi herkes susar.


- Everybody go silent whenever the teacher enters into the classroom.



-  Bu  ilac─▒ içti[n]  mi bir ┼čeyin kalmaz.



- After  you drink this medicine, you will be fine

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(232 Messages in 24 pages - View all)
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