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T-E please
1.       Lololooo
44 posts
 05 May 2014 Mon 07:15 pm


Just a few words that I need enlightment on... 

"Dünya gözümde değil"

"ayakta tutmak"

"can yoldaşı"

"Serde delikanlılık" serde?


"Bu hususta gözünüzün içine bakıyoruz zaten. Al beni de ömrümü önüne sereyim."


it may sound stupid, but I would love it if someone helped... thank you in advance.


2.       harp00n
3989 posts
 05 May 2014 Mon 07:39 pm


"Dünya gözümde değil" = I don´t care the world

"ayakta tutmak" = Keep standing up

"can yoldaşı" = Bosom friend

"Serde delikanlılık" serde? = Meaning of "SER" is "Baş/Kafa" = HEAD


"Bu hususta gözünüzün içine bakıyoruz zaten. Al beni de ömrümü önüne sereyim."

Hmmm, my attempt is;

We are paying court to him/her in this case. Take me and i go to show my life to you.

3.       elena990
3 posts
 06 May 2014 Tue 02:38 am

İrem Derici - Kalbimin Tek Sahibine 2014 Şarkı Sözleri 

Dualar Eder insan Mutlu Bir Ömür için
Sen Varsan Her Yer Huzur Huzurla Yanar içim
Çok Şükür Bin Şükür Seni Bana Verene
Yazmasın Tek Günümü Sensiz Kadere
Ellerimiz Bir Ellerimiz Bir
Vedalar Denizler Engeldir Sevene
Bu Şarkı Kalbimin Tek Sahibine
Ömürlük Yarıma Gönül Eşime
Bahar Sensin Bana Gülüşün Cennet
Melekler Dur Saçmış Aşkın Yüzüne
Dualar Eder insan Mutlu Bir Ömür için
Sen Varsan Hep Yer Huzur Huzurla Yanar içim

Need translation for the song pls

4.       olphon
106 posts
 06 May 2014 Tue 10:41 am

There´s a crappy but sometimes useful dictionary of idioms by TDK:


If you write a word from the idiom, you might get an explanation. "Gözünde", "ayakta" "serde" all return the relevant entries.

seslisozluk.com and eksisozluk.com might also be useful for translating widely used phrases.

The others are idioms but "ömrümü önüne sereyim" is just figurative speech. "Sermek" means to lay out, to spread. Like a tablecloth or a bedsheet.

Also, in Turkish, "de" could either be a verb (command form of "demek") or a conjunction (dahi anlamındaki "de", which sometimes shows itself as "da" in accord with major vowel harmony). I should also mention that "almak" also means "to marry." Therefore, "al beni de" could mean "marry me (and I´ll do this)" or it could mean "say ´marry me´." (how does punctuation work for a situation like this!?)

So contrary to harpoon, the way I understand the sentence is, it means "You are so valuable to me. Just agree to marry me. I could roll out my entire life in front of you like a red carpet. You´d trample me if you want." So it is full submission, like a dog exposing its throat when overpowered.

"Bu hususta gözünüzün içine bakıyoruz zaten. Al beni de ömrümü önüne sereyim."

But there´s a discrepancy between these two sentences. First one is said from 1st person plural to 2nd person plural, second is from 1st person singular to 2nd person singular. Yet the sentences appear to be connected. This sounds wrong. A discontinuity of the narrative.


5.       olphon
106 posts
 06 May 2014 Tue 10:50 am


Elena990 has two posts as of today and both are interfering. Just start a new topic!

Here Elena, click here if you can´t figure it out:



*: "Adana çık aradan!" is a famous exclamation from some decades ago. Back then, telephone technology was not as developed as today, so you could get other phone calls mixed into yours. Apparently, Adana interfered often, because somehow "Adana çık aradan!" is famous, not "İzmir çık aradan!" or any other city. By the way, "çık aradan" means "get out of the way" (literally "get out of between")

Edited (5/6/2014) by olphon [i like footnotes]

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